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Parents 4 Pot 6th Annual POW and Cannabis Community Holiday Drive

Parents 4 Pot 6th Annual POW and Cannabis Community Holiday Drive

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It’s time, once again to gather people together around the world and help uplift some very special families that have been harmed by prohibition.

This is the sixth year Parents 4 Pot has worked together on this important mission, and the second holiday season without our beloved founder and leader, Mickey Martin. We sure do miss him, his direction and his absolute passion to help others. We continue the work Mickey began with direct impact opportunities like our Holiday Drive and a focus on awareness and education.

We are unsure of how much we will receive this year as donations have been slow. So, we decided to maintain support for our Drug War POW’s and take on the newest families, with the hope we can add in more families as the holidays draw closer. 

Please share the work we do with your family and friends, and please consider making a tax-deductible contribution. Whether it’s $5 or $5K, it all adds up to making a huge difference in these families’ lives. 

We could not do the P4P POW Outreach without the help of Cheri Sicard, Author, Speaker, Educator, and the help of Dina Browner, Stephanie Landa, and Mindy Hall of Freedom Grow. Thank you ladies, for all the important work you do! 

Here is a list of this year’s families, with a very extended waiting list of previous years’ families we hope to help as well.

Drug War POW Families

Drug War POW Families are families that have a loved one in prison for pot. Please be sure to send our Drug War POW’s a letter with some words of encouragement and let them know you are doing what you can to help end prohibition. *Letters to prisoners are of utmost importance. Please visit to become a pen pal.

We are thankful that several of our former POW families have been released from prison and are reunited with their loved ones. 

POW Crystal Munoz

Crystal Munoz’s loving and devoted husband, Ricky, has been a single father to their 2 little girls, Crystal (11) and Nova (10) while Crystal has been in prison. Crystal’s youngest daughter was born in prison. Originally given a 20 year and one month sentence, about 4 years ago laws were passed that allowed Crystal’s sentence to be reduced by about five years. Crystal has been incarcerated for 11 years so far. Her husband Ricky says, “Being indicted for cannabis she was never caught with, and all based on the testimony of others in hopes of a lesser sentence.” Your support over the years has helped provide for basic needs, back to school gear and gas cards to see their Mother in prison. Your donations have helped keep the Munoz family connected while their loved one is in prison. Thank you for your contributions.

POW Corvain Cooper 

Corvain Cooper was sentenced to life in prison for non-violent Cannabis related charges in 2014. Corvain has two beautiful children, Scotlyn (9, left) and Cleer (13, right). Corvain’s case is currently in the Supreme Court. We hope for good news for all of our POW Families. Please remember to send a letter of encouragement to our POW’s along with your contribution.

POW Luke Scarmazzo

Luke Scarmazzo is serving a 20 year prison sentence and was transferred to a maximum security prison this year. He is now incarcerated in Louisiana and has endured several long term lock downs. Despite it all, Luke continues to keep his head up and offers encouragement to his family, friends, followers, and other families that may have a loved one in prison when he can.  His daughter, Jasmine, like all our children, is growing up too quickly. She is devastated that she cannot visit her father. We can change that with your generous donations.

POW Ferrell Scott

Ferrell Scott, a father and grandfather, is serving a life sentence for conspiracy and possession of cannabis.  He has been incarcerated for over 10 years and as a result, his three children have had to grow up without him. Now his grandchildren are growing up and the Parents 4 Pot Holiday Drive provides him with an opportunity to have a positive impact on his family during the holidays. Ferrell spends his time bettering himself through prison provided education and physical fitness classes.  His dream is to be set free so he can provide for his family and be a productive citizen in society.

“The war on drugs has had a profound affect on this family. The loss of their father to the prison system has changed the course of the Scott children’s lives forever. Your help and support would mean the world to all of them.”

 – email from Mindy Hall of Freedom Grow*

POW Lance Gloor

The Gloor Family is a powerhouse of advocates for prison reform. Lance is serving a 10 year prison sentence and his case is heading to the Supreme Court. Over the past few years, we have watched Lance’s daughter, Ashley grow into a lovely and amazing young lady with a vision to help others. Ashley was a recipient of one the Parents 4 Pot Scholarships in Honor and Memory of Mickey Martin. We wish to put funds on Lance’s commissary to help relieve some of the burden from his family so they can focus on Ashley’s education. Lance’s mother, Tracie recently wrote to us, “We did not submit an application for Ashley this Holiday Drive because OUR CHRISTMAS WISH IS FOR OTHERS TO BE BLESSED AS OUR FAMILY HAS BEEN BLESSED BY P4P!!” 

Like many families we’ve helped over the years, they are now able to help us help other families. They appreciate the work we do. “One Team One Dream”, as Tracie always says, and we agree. It’s important to continue  to help Lance Gloor and our other cannabis community families until their loved ones are free.

Refugee Families

Refugee families have been uprooted or divided to obtain safe access to cannabis for themselves or their children. Thankfully, more states have passed compassionate legislation for safe access. So, some families can finally go home, but not all of them. 

Pryes Family

Laura Pryes and her 5 children, Natalyiah (17), Olivia (15), Sierra (13), Lavari (8), and Dasch (3, not pictured) are a refugee family that moved to Colorado from Wisconsin, while Laura was 9 months pregnant, “with only some clothes, and a dream to save Lavari’s life.” Lavari has suffered over 50,000 seizures over the course of four years. With the opportunity to live in a compassionate state and use cannabis, Lavari is weaning off dangerous pharmaceuticals, and it’s “greatly reducing” his seizures.

Activist Families

By pure definition, all of our families are activist families. These families devote their lives and time to work to end prohibition, often with negative consequences. It’s important we stand up for each other and remind one another, we are not alone. We stand stronger together!

Koerner Family

Julie is a single Mother to Brandon (16) and Amelia (9).

Julie recently lost her job due to her cannabis activism in a candid conversation at work .

“Two managers at an employee lunch were talking about the legal marijuana campaign and all the legalization publicity. One manager, knowing that I support Legal Marijuana Now, looks at me and smiles. I took advantage of the moment to advocate. I was comfortable and confident, and most importantly, informative with my co-workers at lunch. So I reached in my purse, and grabbed the 2018 cannabis voters guide and shared information with my co-workers. And they were were interested, and shocked. That’s how I roll through, I will say what is on my mind , share my opinions because we are entitled to one thing, free will… I know of a handful of others at work that do support the legalization of marijuana secretly. I say, let our inner-stoners free! Once, we take away the social stigma of it being “bad” or “illegal” people will change. But nothing’s going to change if we keep our opinions, thought to ourselves.”

-Julie Koerner

Julie took the time to share a very personal story of her mother’s passing from a prescription overdose at the age of 53 with her head manager when asked why she supported legalization. Her co-workers treated her differently; did not speak to her or even look at her as a result of her honesty. 

Her two children are proud of her for her honesty, and so are we. 

Wolfe-Furniss Family

Christina & Elwood Wolfe-Furniss are parents to Trinity Furniss (14), Larissa Furniss (13), and Justice Furniss (7). Christina has Lupus and nerve damage from a failed spinal fusion and has been fighting for disability for the past two years. They live in North Carolina, where the ever-changing landscape of cannabis laws continue to evolve. Christina was a medical cannabis patient previously in Delaware before moving to North Carolina for her husband’s work. Christina works diligently to help educate others about the healing benefits cannabis has to offer.

DeMoss Family

Sheri DeMoss is a single mother to her 5 children, 3 of which deal with various mental health conditions. Sheri has been an avid activist for many years. She has worked diligently to fight for safe access. She also strives to remove the social stigma that comes with prohibition. Thank you Sheri, and all our activist Families, for all your hard work!   

Kronen Family

Ronnie (pictured left) has been cancer free for 13 years! He has been a medical cannabis patient and advocate for four years. He has chemo induced peripheral neuropathy in his hands and feet. He use to be able to work 60 hours a week and now only works half that. The Kronen family have fought foreclosure twice and their daughter (pictured right) is a single Mom living with her family. Help us give the Kronen family a great Christmas. Ron is alive today because of cannabis.

We have an extensive waiting list of previous years’ families we hope to include this year too. The only way we can make this event works is with your help. Every donation matters, and everything that is raised goes to the families.

Together, we can continue to make some miracles happen. 

Please join us. 

There are several ways to contribute to this special mission:

♥ Share with your family and friends.
♥ You can make a tax-deductible donation via PayPal via 
♥ You can also send checks or money orders to:
Parents 4 Pot, 12042 SE Sunnyside Rd. #222, Clackamas, Oregon 97015 
♥ By using Amazon Smile, a portion of sales will be donated to Parents 4 Pot when you choose us as your favorite non-profit organization.
♥ Contact us directly if you have questions or would like to sponsor a family at

*Any letters sent to Drug War POW’s should be sent on computer printed paper, or hand written with ink or pencil, and put in a plain regular white envelope with no sticker adhesives for labels other than stamps. The rules for prisoners receiving mail are very strict.*

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