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Strain Report: Sour Afghan

Strain Report: Sour Afghan

marijuana consumer education strain reports sour Afghan cannabis plant

Breeder: Daniel Morford at Heartrock Mountain Farm.

Height: 7’ -8’ high and bushy with large buds even on lower branches.

Weight (yield): Average 2-½ lbs. – 3 lbs.

Flowering time in days: 55 Days.

Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis/etc. ratio: 75% Indica and 25% Sativa effects.

Taste: Dry Hit – mild sour lemon drop / Burned Flavor: mesquite, sour cream, airplane glue, and mild chocolate mint – flavors evolve over the journey of the joint.

Scent – burned/unburned: Earthy, sour milk, fine leather, Yuzu Japanese teriyaki sauce, overripe orange. Once broken up it smells of candied orange peel and sour liqueur. Burned, it smells like Ghee burning in a Tibetan temple.

What the dried bud/crumbled bud looks like: the dried bud is a perfect example of Mendo mountain cannabis – loaded with trichomes and glistening diamonds, equally amber and clear, very solid hard buds that are khaki green and rich milk chocolate brown hairs – CRUMBLED: Breaks up beautifully and has an oily resinous texture.

Speed of onset: Easy body relax right away and then medium length onset.

Duration of high: About 90 minutes. Quality/type of high: a very smooth smoke with a chill body high that works its way up from your ankles to your crown. Giggly with a cozy loving feeling. Mellows out into a spacey bliss.

Medicinal qualities: Sedating, relaxing effect, can help reduce pain and inflammation. It has analgesic properties and is even said to be anti-aging.

Photo Credit: Nikki Lastreto

We feel blessed to have received these precious seeds from our friend and breeder extraordinaire, Daniel Morford from Heartrock Mountain Farm in Mendocino County. It is an honor to carefully cultivate them into big luscious plants. Both Swami and I have deep memories of being in Afghanistan in the 1970s, on the exotic “Hippie Trail,” when they still had a King. We smoked the best hashish in the world there and now it feels like we have come full circle, from Kabul to California.

As told to me by Daniel, Sour Afghan is a Big Red x Blueberry Northern Lights x Sour Diesel mix. That’s a lot going on. I highly recommend these flowers for the sophisticated smoker who appreciates a complicated layered smoking experience. You can expect to kick back, get cozy, listen to music, and let your sensations overtake you.

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The lineages of this farm and this cultivar read like a novel. Heartrock Mountain Farm is a multigenerational family operation, established by Father and Son in 1976. Now Father is a grandfather and Son a father of three. They have bred their own seeds for decades and pride themselves in their craft. “We put our hearts and souls into the dirt here. When someone loves what they do, you can really tell the difference.” This level of care is obvious in the quality of their seeds.

marijuana consumer education strain reports sour afghan cannabis budsplant6
Photo Credit: Brian Parks

About the Sour Afghan, Daniel explained, “The Big Red is a heritage cultivar from the “Jade” stock my dad made by crossing a South America / Mexican with an Afghani. I used a male from that line to cross into the BBNL5 and then crossed in Sour Diesel. Then I inbreed several generations, choosing females that smell like the old Jade lines & Afghan Skunk with hints of spice.”

The results made the years of dedication well worth it. The seeds have developed into healthy and happy plants with great structure. They are strong even in high winds and produce heavy sticky buds as big as a water bottle. If rains come early, we do need to keep a close eye on those dense buds but so far they seem quite resilient to mold, Mildew, and pests.

marijuana consumer education strain reports sour afghan cannabis plant growing in the sunplant
Photo Credit: Nikki Lastreto

Sour Afghan is popular with trimmers too because she is easy to manicure. This is our second year growing her and her numbers hang steady in the mid-twenties for THC. Her Terpenes hover around 2% and are made up of slightly more than half beta-Myrcene and about 1/5th beta-Caryophyllene, with a few other terps in there. The heavy Myrcene makes you loosen up and feel very relaxed – a perfect end-of-day chill-out delight, that if you let your mind wander, you just might find yourself in a bazaar in old Kabul …

As Daniel Morford, who is also a poet, told me, “When you cultivate love, it grows… and where love grows, so does everything else.”

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