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Strain Report: Wappa

Strain Report: Wappa

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Strain Name: Wappa

Breeder: Paradise Seeds

Height: 120 cm

Weight (yield): 110 gms

Flowering time in days: 56 days

Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis/etc. ratio: 60% indica, 40% sativa.

Speed of high onset: Quick release intensity.

Duration of high: 2+ hours.

Quality/type of high: Uplifting and feel good with pleasant relaxation sensation.

Medicinal qualities: Brings positivity and good pain relief to work through the day.

Taste: Sweet, citrus, cherry, strawberry.

Scent: Intense, citrus stink bomb.

Appearance: Hard, long thick buds, light greens, and pale colors offset with ginger pistils

marijuana consumer education strain-reports cola tip of wappa strain
Photo Credit: Paradise Seeds

Wappa was something of a slow burner when she was first released by Paradise in the 2010s. She took a bit of time to gain popularity, but once she did, it became a snowball that kept on rolling. Her all-around qualities, fast finish, and adaptability to a range of climates, temperatures, and altitudes have cemented her following in the European growing community.

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Skunk runs through the heart of Wappa (Sweet Skunk x Afghani Skunk), which leans slightly to the indica side. She’s a hybrid renowned for being incredibly easy-going in the grow room, forgiving for beginners but providing the potential to maximize for experienced growers. This has made her a go-to choice for many growers, from home cultivators to commercial producers.

While she thrives in Mediterranean zones, she also has many fans in northern European regions where its pest and mold-resistant qualities and no-fuss performance sees it just as happy slumming it in cooler and wetter Fall conditions.

Her taste is sweet and fruity, and the high is quick and long-lasting, with a euphoric mindfulness and a body stone this is relaxing without throwing the user into a couch lock.

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