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Strain Report: 65 Impala

Strain Report: 65 Impala

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Name: 65 Impala.

Nationality: Verified Genetics.

Lineage: Bumble Kat x SSSC M39.

Location: Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse.

Race: Hybrid.

Yield: Tremendous Yields.

Height: Short stature with heavy side branching.

Medicinal qualities: extremely effective for Anxiety, stress, and stomach issues.

Terp Profile: Rich chocolate Ganache, Dark Roast Coffee, Heavy sweet creamy blueberry skunk with lingering earthy pine on the exhale.

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Verified Genetics 65 Impala is a powerful and loud creation comprised of Verified Genetics Bumble Kat and the SSSC M-39 acquired from the Greem Reefer in 2014. Kingston’s keeper phenotype of the Bumble Kat was chosen for its stout structure incredible side branching and of course, its insane espresso and kush profile. The M39 male was selected for its unnerving stench of skunk spray with the goal of creating a truly classic-tasting herb reminiscent of my childhood growing up in the 80s and 90s. These two heavyweight manifestations that are guaranteed to satisfy even the most persnickety of connoisseurs with its massive headlock stone and complex array of terpenes, thiols, and flavonoids, 65 Impala is an absolute flavor bomb and an undeniable brain stumper. Smells and tastes range from Black Forest chocolate cake, espresso, blueberry, sweet cream, sticky pinesap, earthy kush, and real skunk spray that takes you back to the early days when life was simple.

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