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Strain Report: Greenshock Ultimate Indica

Strain Report: Greenshock Ultimate Indica

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Strain Name: Greenshock Ultimate Indica.

Breeder: Mark Greyshock.

Height: Short and Stout indica capable of 6-8 feet.

Yield: Heavy.

Flowering Time: 7-8 weeks Indica Dominant.

Taste: A heavy acrid hash taste with just a touch of sweet Sour Candy.

Scent: Peppery hash, sour candy apples, unique and complex.

Speed of High: Fast onset.

Duration of High: Long and heavy.

Type of high: Heavy sedative Indica, not for your lightweight smokers.

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Medicinal Qualities: Pain and Sleep.

marijuana consumer education strain reports Greenshock Ultimate Indica cannabis plant
Photo Credit: Mike Greyshock

Bred above 4,000 feet high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in a similar latitude as the Hindu Kush Mountains. When making seeds, Mark leaves his seeds on for a long time to ensure peek thickness and ripeness. This girl popped up over the cold winter under the snow and was a surprise upon spring planting to find strong and happy in the hole of her mother. From past experience, when these volunteers pop up, they seem meant to be.

Its parentage includes Ultimate Indica, Girl Scout Cookies, Lavender, Blue Moonshine, and Old Nepali Hash Plant. She’s a strong mountain girl who yields dense, chunky buds and finishes around the 1st of October. The dense buds last long in the bowl and in the body with its heavy indica high. She handles cold temps extremely well, and despite the fat buds, it is very mold resistant. This plant is easy to grow but meant for the heavy smoker as its potent high can be too strong for the lightweight.

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