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REVIEW: Limited Edition Holiday Cannabiscotti

REVIEW: Limited Edition Holiday Cannabiscotti

A PERFECT EXAMPLE of the innovative edibles currently circulating the Canadian craft cannabis market is Cannabiscotti, recent winners of the Karma Cup for their Cannabutter Edible category entry. 

Cannabiscotti is a Toronto-based duo that specialize in cannabis-infused biscotti and have several varieties and flavours, from lemon poppy to red velvet and so much more.  Medical cannabis patients themselves, the Cannabiscotti team are all too aware of the benefits of cannabis edibles as well as the challenges the public face when trying to find edibles, let alone, quality, lab tested ones.

Cannabiscotti’s contain 50mg (+/- 5mg) of THC infused into whole bud infused coconut oil. This means that their edibles contain several beneficial cannabinoid compounds unlike edibles made simply with THC distillate. This requires the baker to be a bit more skilled in masking the cannabis flavour which Cannabiscotti do very well. Their biscotti’s are also lab tested in a Health Canada approved lab, ensuring their biscotti’s are always consistent in potency.

Being a frequent visitor of the increasingly popular pop-up cannabis markets, I came to bump into Cannabiscotti quite often. A lovely team, I had first tried their biscotti with the samples they offered me at a Green Market. From the branding, to the packaging, to the people, and of course the biscotti, I was instantly hooked and looked forward to seeing them sell out at almost every event. This time, I was lucky enough to get my hands on their limited edition flavours they released for the holidays!

Tiramisu Biscotti

Tiramisu biscotti

This gorgeous looking biscotti is so pretty, I didn’t even want to bite into it. The biscotti itself looks like its made of multiple biscotti layers, topped with a crunchy sweet icing sprinkled with chocolate powder, and adorned with a chcocolate covered coffee bean as it’s centrepiece.

This biscotti was sweet and rich in flavour, with the infused coconut oil blending well with the vanilla biscotti base. I’m not a big fan of coffee flavoured treats, but the coffee flavour in this biscotti was subtle and blended perfectly for my taste. I really liked how I only got the robust coffee flavour when crunching into the centre of the biscotti with the neatly placed, chocolate covered, roasted coffee bean. It’s not often you find biscottis this fancy, medicated or not!

This biscotti gave me a nice body buzz, peaking a couple of hours after eating. Labelled at 50mg of THC, the advantage of using a whole bud infusion allows the edible to contain many more cannabinoids than just THC providing the user with several other health benefits and usually a more full-bodied ‘high’. 

Caramel Pecan Biscotti

Pecan Caramel biscotti

This biscotti had hardly any cannabis flavour and was very rich in flavour. This biscotti had a vanilla base and was topped with chewy caramel, sweet pecans, and milk chocolate, sprinkled with sea salt. Is your mouth watering already? 

Biting into this heavenly treat was almost like biting into a mars bar sandwiched inside your grandmas homemade butter cookies. Every bite I took produced long strings of caramel dangling from my mouth to the biscotti, as some of the milk chocolate drizzled down into the biscotti base and left my fingers covered in finger licking chocolatey-caramel goodness. 

The dosage is perfect. Not too strong for the average user and not too light for the regular user. After an hour I felt my mood improve and my head become fuzzy, and by the second hour mark I felt super-relaxed. Who needs an anti-anxiety or anti-depressant pill with this bad boy?

Chocolate Candy Cane

Candy Cane biscotti

This was a mixture of chocolate and vanilla biscotti base, mixed and topped with crunched up candy cane pieces, and finally drizzled with vanilla and chocolate icing. As always, the biscotti was delicious. Not too sweet with a lovely buttery texture, but this time with the added chewiness from the candy cane pieces giving the chocolate flavour a nice minty infusion. Very tasty and I loved the extra chewiness. As with the previous biscottis, dosage and effects was consistent which is highly important in producing edibles, especially if for medicinal use as the last thing you need is a patient greening out!

Vanilla Cranberry Biscotti

Vanilla Cranberry biscotti

Slightly simpler than the others, this is a vanilla biscotti coated with a layer of sweet icing and a few dried cranberries topped on the centre of the biscotti. The biscotti is sweet with a subtle vanilla flavour, but the magic happened when I got to the centre and had a bite with the dried cranberries. 

The tart cranberry flavour balanced really well with the sweet creamy texture and flavour of the biscotti. I would have liked to have more cranberries in the biscotti, maybe chopped and blended in the biscotti itself, as the couple of cranberries in the centre of the biscotti only left me wanting more! This biscotti was a refreshing change from the other flavours because of the tartness of the cranberry contrasting and working well with the sweetness of the rest of the biscotti. Definitely a new favourite!

Once again, I must thank the Cannabiscotti team for letting me try some of their amazing products. We truly hope the industry opens it’s doors to wonderful companies and products like these in the coming months and years because the public deserve the right to access cannabis in edible form, especially products as good as Cannabiscotti.


Packaging – 8/10

Visual Appeal – 9/10

Taste – 10/10

Effects – 8/10

Overall – 9/10



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