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Bombatta Cannabis: Tasting Notes of the Bombatta Strain

Bombatta Cannabis: Tasting Notes of the Bombatta Strain

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I’ve been focusing on the outer fringes of the cannabis flower world recently. After an exciting trip to the Los Angeles area, I was able to obtain a nice selection of flowers that I wouldn’t normally have on my menu of choices. This is primarily because the availability of genuinely high-end cannabis brands is elusive here on the east coast, and when I finally make it out west, I’m usually on a time constraint, unable to search around for the weird and wooly.

One of these weird and woolly brands that have found its way into my pipe (a stonedware “purse” pipe from Oregon) is what I used for the tasting. I find that the handmade and colorful, deep chamber and quality porcelain offer the perfect foil to the exceptional flower sitting in front of me at my completely cluttered desk.

The flower in my gaze is named Bombatta, and what a flower this is. Bursting with gassy notes that drill down into surges of that baby skunk that’s lurking under your bedroom window, this is truly intellectual cannabis. I’m sure it has all the stuffing necessary to relax you after a long day doing whatever it is that you do all day long.

In my research, I discovered that the handsome, dye-cut packaging (I had some in this package and the glass jars (more on that later) … was eye-catching and extremely high-quality printing. The flowers that resided within actually weighed a bit over the 1/8th…. always a nice show for those of us who weigh out what we purchase on little digital scales- perfect for making sure that everything is equable. Impeccably cured, you certainly get what you pay for at sixty dollars per eighth of an ounce! It’s very nice indeed, as the indica-leaning hybrid takes about four minutes to weave a veneer of smoke and haze over my very sensitive eyes.

cannabis world news product reviews
Photo credit: Warren Bobrow

The namesake strain, Bombatta, is ripe with oil and fire. It’s a bomb, all right. This is gourmet and exciting all at the same time. Many supposed gourmet strains are pretty amazing. Many brands of super-high-quality flowers abound at this price point, but this one is certainly a head-turner. Gourmet cannabis is supposed to be amazing, especially at sixty dollars per eighth.

I know that one of the owners is Adam Bierman, formerly of MedMen, and his biz partner is Brianna McGee, who is a compassionate care nurse. They are allied in this project.

And the verdict? The flower is really nicely done. It gets me super-stoned and able to write a cohesive article without going out on too many tangents.

I love the packaging in glass jars- with a perfect little grinder-magnetic lid and all, right on top of the easy-to-screw-on-and-off closure. The lid-sized grinder is a stroke of brilliance because it eliminates the necessity to possess just one more thing. The grinder has robust teeth that won’t become dislodged after just one or two grinds. It’s really well made, and I’m not going to dispose of it in the recycling. I’m going to use it again and again.

Tasting Notes: From The Cocktail Whisperer:

Appearance: Dark nugs with orange hairs in a compact format. Well-cured and full of oil and fat. A bit tough to grind up, but it is a very good sign to me. I used a Gemini Grinder for part of the task.

Also separated one of the nugs with my fingers (old school style against my palm…) and stuffed it into my Stonedware Purse Pipe. A lovely high ensued over the coming minutes, leading into hours.

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Photo Credit: Warren Bobrow

Nose: Gassy notes that evolve into tangles of baby skunk, melting into warmly spicy Thai chili oil dripping onto slowly cooked pork bones, succulent and finger-licking goodness.
Shavings of citrus (grapefruit, lime, lemon, orange) zest come into view, evolving into shards of coconut water ice and freshly snipped thyme. Splashes of Rhum Agricole from Martinique abound. Each puff is vaguely flower driven, but not sweet, more European petrol than gasoline- a touch of kerosene and diesel fuel- then the creamy texture of coconut water and those fresh herbs on the back take, this is really good stuff. No wonder it’s so sought after in the “underground” that you can buy it at select dispensaries in California. Wow, the good stuff. And it gets me really stoned!

Palate: Richly textured with droplets of cedar water and peat smoke, refined and mouth-filling, the smoke takes time to move down your throat to the lungs, as if liquid and viscous in nature. Low-cooked peaches come into view for the palate, coating it with deep droplets of caramelized/spun sugar and tangy balsamic vinegar.

Finish/Stone: Acutely potent, this is a perfectly intellectual smoke, worthy of your most important technical writing assignment or your leadership role as a tycoon/captain of industry/ board meeting. I would go out and test drive a 1972 Porsche 911 Targa under the watchful influence of this passionate, colorful, amiable, truly emotional high. It’s like scrubbing bubbles to your Third Eye. I really got into the entire experience and learned something at the same time.

Strains like Bombatta are well geared to today’s lifestyle, where time is of the essence. You want to get there quickly and with alacrity.

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I’m proud to be a part of this know-how because it’s very personal in nature. You have to experience flowers of this quality to truly understand the essence of the plant at the high end and what it makes me feel like in a place that’s entirely personal.

It’s important, in my opinion, for my own life to be able to write about quality craft cannabis and review it in a positive light.

And now that I’ve smoked two nice pipefuls, I’ve discovered that it even works rather nicely on my eye pressure/glaucoma. But, as I’ve said prior…. I’m not a doctor, so I can’t tell you that it does anything at all. Right?

This Bombatta is definitely the bomb, and I’m happy to have tried it. Thank you.

Thank you to Javier over at Benzinga for making my research easier with your well-written article.

Feature Photo Courtesy of Bombatta

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