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KOS’ New Release – G13 Haze

KOS’ New Release – G13 Haze

G13 Haze Yowza

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Greetings, my very green SKUNK friends. I wanted to share this new release from KOS (Kingdom Organic Seeds) that was originally hybridized to f1 by Soma. The legendary G13 Haze! I originally acquired these seeds about 25 years ago from my old online buddy Roz, and he had already made f2s, so I got these seeds as f2s. Roz had prior good trades with me and had given me f2 seeds in the past he had made that were all good and were always just what he said they were. Let’s check out da deets on the G13 Haze f3…

The Fast Deets

NAME: G13 Haze F3



LINEAGE: Haze x G13

YIELD/SIZE: Damn Decent

FLOWERING TIME INDOORS: 11 to 12 Weeks (12 Weeks Recommended)

SMELLS: Diesel Fuel/Resin and Lemon—very powerful and odorous terpenes

FLAVORS: Diesel Fuel Background with Citrusy Lemon Forefront—very strong flavors



PHOTOPERIODS: Sprouting 16/8 (or 12/12 for first 10 days), Veg 18/6, Flowering 12/12


HARVEST OUTDOORS: First Half of November – Northern Hemisphere


BREEDING STYLE: Regular Seeds – Using Real Males

MEDICAL PROPERTIES: High THC Levels and Potentially High CBD Levels

The Rundown—Hierarchy Etc.

Now… normally with the f2 generation, it is highly advantageous to you to be able to sprout larger numbers of plants to look through due to the various recombinations that occur in the f2 generation. Quite the opposite happened here, and I straight up lucked out big time, as far as I can tell. I germinated eight seeds, I got four seeds to pop, and two of those sprouts were weak plants and were culled within ten days of sprouting. The two plants (sprouts) that remained were both extremely strong and vigorous, and as luck would have it, I got a male and a female—thank you, cannabis gods!

I tested the crap out of the male and female, and they both passed being extremely sexually healthy, very hearty, and super vigorous; when I say extremely, very, and super, I mean it. I flowered out the female clones taking some at 11 weeks (pretty stinking good), 12 weeks (oh yeah, baybee), and 13 weeks (a tad too ripe for my tastes and a tad too sleepy time).

My F2 Breeders

Male Breeder(s) Deets: 1 male G13 Haze f2 breeder was used in this cross. He was SEA (South East Asian) looking in many ways with large flower clusters. He also had a curious trait I have never seen before in all my years growing cannabis. Indoors he shed most of his pollen during the daylight hours of growth, and hardly any pollen was manufactured overnight. He was very lemon-O-Licious smelling, hearty, and vigorous. He possesses very high resin potential and is a tough-as-nails plant.

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Female Breeder(s) Deets: 1 female G13 Haze f2 breeder was used in this cross. She reminds me somewhat of a Warlock or William’s Wonder in appearance. Sort of a sativa-dominant structure filled in with indica-looking parts. The buds are very unique, not showing a lot of pistils; they are there, they’re just protected—like old school sativas do it. Her calyxes are also very cool, weird, and all elongated. Very high resin production, and the buds were also large and very dense. She wreaks with diesel fuel and sharp lemon citrus and has very high resin production.

The G13 Haze Buds are Structured Like Old World Sativas in Many Ways
The G13 Haze Buds are Structured Like Old World Sativas in Many Ways

G13 Haze Growing Information


These plants are about as bulletproof as I have ever seen, no bullshit whatsoever. I was never able to make the male throw any flowers in vegetative state, even after he was 60 days old, kept in a pot too small, and drought-stressed (twice in a row). In case you don’t know, that’s a very good thing as far as male sexual health goes, in my experience. It’s really about inherent stress tolerance.

I harvested one female clone a week over primo-ripe and drought-stressed her hard at the end, and she never threw out a single hermie/banana (hermaphroditic expression). Indoors, I assume, due to her morphology,  her buds are pretty weak on her lower third, but here’s the good news: She makes up for it in the other two-thirds. With that being said… Outdoors she likely gets beefy all over.

Indoors you will definitely want to prune these plants’ “lollypop” style going into flowering. This simply means removing all the lower growth from the bottom third of the plant. This concentrates growth to the upper two-thirds, and she will not disappoint. I got bigger yields by topping the plants as well, leaving 4 to 6 mains (axial branches).

Afterword: Smoking with Rev

Smoking the G13 Haze Buds was Discombobulating at First and Very Motivating Later
Smoking the G13 Haze Buds was Discombobulating at First and Very Motivating Later

These buds came from under 400-watt Eye Blue Hortilux MH lamps in 3×3 Gorilla Grow Tents. Each plant was topped to 4 main branches, and this bud and all the others looked pretty much identical. Each 2.5-foot plant yielded 2.5 to 3.0 ounces each of deadly, dense, pungent buds. These buds have that “scary” kind of look to them, and once you touch them and get that greasy resin thing, that just reinforces the “scary” heh heh.

Twelve weeks was the sweet spot for the G13 Haze; at 11 weeks, she was very good, but at 12, she was epic. I let one clone go 13 weeks, and it was very “heavy” smoke, and she basically made me stupid, starving, then sleepy—LoL—sing along, you know the song.

She tastes amazing with very strong lemon flavors encircled by sharp diesel fuel notes. When someone takes their first hit of this, it impresses. Not only is it very expanding in your lungs, but the flavors are quite impactive, and she leaves lemony diesel flavors on your tongue for like 20 minutes after smoking her.

Wanna check out another hunny from KOS? Give this article a read: MILF Rev’s Rave: Fat Tuesday. Yay to the warming weather; I am so done with Winter heh heh. I hope you are all well and happy. Until next time, L8r G8rs! Cheers.

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