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Cafe Frenchy – High Tea with Industry Legends

Cafe Frenchy – High Tea with Industry Legends

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“‘The weed is the messenger, the trichomes are the messages.” With these words, the late Frenchy Cannoli encapsulated a profound connection to cannabis, not just as a plant but as a vehicle for communication and community. A connection and tradition we aim to carry on through an extraordinary event series. 

On May 25th, Toronto will welcome the inaugural Café Frenchy— High Tea, an event inspired by the visionary work of Frenchy Cannoli, a celebrated hash maker whose dreams and ambitions are carried forward by his partner, Madame Cannoli. Reflecting on their shared vision, Madame Cannoli remarks, “Frenchy had this retirement plan dream—we open a little tea house that would serve excellent classic French pastries, fine teas, really strong coffee, and, of course, amazing flights of concentrates.” She adds with a sense of nostalgia, “I had even started buying the antique tea cups! Anyway, life takes amazing turns and creates new opportunities.” 

While Madame Cannoli isn’t opening that tea house just yet, it is time to put those tea cups to good use! With this event series, we hope to embody the spirit of that beautiful dream she and the late Frenchy Cannoli shared— a dream to provide a safe space for freedom of expression, the gathering of artists and scientists, the passing down of traditions, and the planting of seeds for change. Somehow, a nomadic Tea house, cultivated and driven by the cannabis communities around the world that Frenchy Cannoli loved, seems more fitting anyway.

Frenchy Cannoli was a world-renowned hash maker who spent his life roaming the globe to learn, discover, and explore age-old hash-making techniques with his wife, Madame Cannoli (Kimberly), by his side for much of the journey. He lived nomadically for over twenty years, staying with traditional producers and learning techniques handed down over generations. This took him from Morocco to Mexico, to Nepal, Pakistan, and India, where he spent eight growing seasons living in caves and harvesting cannabis resin with Parvati Valley cultivators. 

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Eventually, he settled with his family in California, where early medical access laws let him go from hiding his life’s work to producing legal cannabis concentrates. Building one of the most respected brands in California and hosting hundreds of workshops to educate hash makers in his techniques, Frenchy Cannoli has shared his artisanal hash with many and passed down traditions that we hope will continue to live on for generations to come. At the core, this event’s purpose is to pass on traditions, bring together the community, and appreciate the artists and scientists who strive to create quality. 

Frenchy Cannoli was a committed feminist. I remember a significant event early in my career when a potential sponsor wanted to use a campaign featuring women in bikinis to promote their product. At the time, I was a young woman, new to the industry, and hesitant to turn away sponsor money. However, Frenchy, usually the epitome of calm, displayed a rare intensity of emotion in response to this proposal. 

Although I had never seen him truly angry, his strong reaction to the sponsor’s disrespectful attitude towards women was a sight to behold. Frenchy made it clear that he would never support a brand that objectified women, sharply criticizing the owner’s demeaning remarks and treatment of women. Inspired by Frenchy’s passionate stance on fairness and equality, I felt empowered to reject the sponsor’s contribution. This decision led to the creation of an extraordinary event that became a benchmark in the Las Vegas cannabis scene for years. 

Thanks to Frenchy’s unwavering principles, the event fostered a magical sense of community and connection. Frenchy’s commitment to uplifting and empowering women was evident in all his endeavors, including mentoring his talented apprentice, Cherry Blossom Belle, who now leads his Lost Art of the Hashishin Workshops alongside Madame Cannoli. 

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When Frenchy Cannoli met Mila, he was captivated by her story, her legacy, and her work. Frenchy admired Mila’s rise in a male-dominated field and was puzzled that more people didn’t know of this incredible force. Mila Jansen, the “Hash Queen,” is one of the greatest cultural icons of our time. Mila’s pioneering work in Amsterdam’s 1960s underground, her spiritual journey as a Buddhist monk in the Himalayas—a region often considered the birthplace of cannabis—and her invention of the first

hash-making machine in the 1990s, all contribute to her compelling and inspirational life story. 

Among her wide array of accomplishments, Mila opened a Tea Lounge in the 1960s Amsterdam underground, which served as a safe space for the cannabis community and laid the groundwork for today’s coffee shops. On May 25th, we hope to revive that safe space for the modern cannabis community, which still struggles to this day, for acceptance and justice. This inaugural event will honor her life-long legacy and her contributions to the cannabis community.

Great change has been seeded over tea for generations. The concept of the tea lounge is rooted deeply in history. Salons, or tea rooms, have been pivotal in cultural and intellectual exchanges since the 15th century. Originating in Italy and reaching their zenith in 17th and 18th century France, these gatherings provided a space where intellectuals, artists, and activists from diverse backgrounds could freely exchange ideas. The salons were often led by influential women who facilitated discussions, which ultimately led to significant cultural shifts. In aligning this traditional concept with the modern cannabis movement, Café Frenchy provides a unique platform for dialogue and connection within the community.

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Set in the heart of Toronto, at a consumption-friendly venue well-known and respected in the Toronto cannabis community, this event is expected to draw a sophisticated crowd of cannabis enthusiasts, industry professionals, cultural influencers, and thought leaders from across North America and abroad. The event is a collaborative effort by the close-knit cannabis community in Toronto, with artists and artisans coming together to honor Mila Jansen, carry on Frenchy Cannoli’s legacy, and drive social change. Special thanks are extended to Café X for hosting and to our High Tea Sponsors, including Quasar Shisha, Mills Nutrients, Tea by Wesley, and FNF.

Activities and Features:

• High Tea with a Twist: Serving a selection of fine teas, both infused and non-infusedalongside classic French pastries and artisan chocolates.

• Smoke Sesh with Industry Legends: An exclusive session with Frenchy’s Apprentice and Mila Jansen, offering attendees a chance to engage directly with influential figures while enjoying premium hashish.

With tickets nearly sold out, Café Frenchy promises to be more than just an event; it’s a nexus of history, culture, and advocacy—a testament to the power of community and the enduring spirit of the salon. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this unique gathering. Get your tickets today!

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Photo credits: Madame Cannoli, Skunk Magazine

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