Deanna Callahan

Deanna Callahan Innovator, Leader, Advocate | Deanna Callahan is a dynamic leader renowned for her ability to drive positive change and foster innovation at the intersection of cutting-edge industries. With a distinguished track record in cannabis, startup leadership, and advocacy for AI and mental health advancements, Deanna's influence spans multiple sectors. As the former Chief Production Officer at Jetty Extracts, Deanna optimized production processes and scaled operations, elevating the company to a leading position in the manufacturing sector. Following this role, she founded Root Essential, a consulting firm dedicated to guiding companies through compliance and strategic growth, which led to a successful acquisition by Gateway Proven Strategies (GPS). At GPS, as Chief Operating Officer, she orchestrated transformational efforts that resulted in a 170% year-over-year revenue increase and fostered a culture of intrapreneurship and continuous growth. Deanna's leadership extended to drafting legislation and establishing pilot projects in over 37 countries, significantly impacting global cannabis policy and operations. Her academic contributions include groundbreaking AI-driven research at Penn State, focusing on innovative healthcare diagnostics and solutions. A thought leader in the cannabis industry, Deanna has spoken at numerous conferences and has been involved in every segment of the supply chain, from seed to sale. She founded the Golden Key Party, a highly exclusive event series that invites attendees to delve into the history and global culture of cannabis, fostering connections that transcend borders and advocate for an end to global prohibition. Deanna's deep respect for Frenchy Cannoli and his vision was demonstrated through her active participation in all Golden Key parties alongside Frenchy and Madame Cannoli. Following Frenchy's passing, she collaborated with Madame Cannoli to debut his documentary, "Frenchy Dreams of Hashish." Today, she is honored to support Madame Cannoli in continuing Frenchy’s legacy through initiatives like Café Frenchy, ensuring his vision and impact on the cannabis culture endure.

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