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Strain Report: Communion (F1) Feminized, Tastes Like Wine, Feels Like Heaven

Strain Report: Communion (F1) Feminized, Tastes Like Wine, Feels Like Heaven


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Communion (F1) Feminized

(Grapestomper OG x Durban Poison) x Romulan

(Indica Dominant) Hybrid

Height: Average

Weight: Above average

Flowering Time: 63-70 days

Tastes: Sweet, Candy, Wine, Grape, Baby Breath, Earth

Scents: Fruity, Candied Grape, and Sweet Wine

Visual: Extremely Frost covered, purple accents and bright orange hairs

Effects: Quick onset, long-lasting effects that are remarkably unique.

Medicinal Qualities: Pain, Nerve Issues, Depression.

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Romulan Genetics has been making cultivars since 2017 with a focus on creating Cannabis with medicinal qualities as well as finding unique effects, tastes, and smells unlike anything experienced before. One of their most popular original creations, Communion, has been creating quite a buzz since its release several years ago. Known for its exquisite Wine tastes and smells, as well as its incredible hybrid effects, Communion is excellent for consuming any time of the day without bringing you any negative side effects that could make you regret your decision.

Photo Credit: Jake W. – Romulan Genetics

Communion in flower puts off a wonderfully intoxicating fruity smell that is extremely pungent and can be experienced very far away from your greenhouse. Even in the vegetative stage, Communion has a very potent and delicious smell, giving hints of things to come for growers who are giving her their first try. But in the flowering stage, which lasts from 9 to 10 weeks, she puts off such a strong odor that you may find even your brand-new carbon filters are no match for containing the stench. Her yields can be on the average to the high side, but the gorgeous bag appeal and strong odor are what truly set her aside. Frosty white buds, with hints of purple hues, and bright orange hairs pair well with a strong nose-tingling grape-wine smell that people find to be very unique to this strain alone. Commercial growers and dispensaries have reported that even though she is mostly unknown by name, she sells herself by looks and smell alone. Several have said it has become difficult to keep Communion stocked on shelves for those distributing this strain, due to her popularity and high demand. Communion grows similar to the old dwarf sativas of the 1980s. Her leaves show off her strong sativa lineage, but her effects and overall stature will remind growers of the indica dominant strains from the 1990s.

Jake W. – Romulan Genetics

You will remember smoking Communion from the very first time you try it. With a truly unique terpene profile, her smells and tastes are unlike any other strain. It’s rare these days to find a unique smell or taste of Cannabis, as so many breeders seem to be using the exact same clones and genetics for all their different breeding projects, and when you do find something truly different it stands out. Communion stands out with her looks and her smells, but her effects are also special and truly a blessing to experience. Happy is the best word I can find for how it makes me feel. Stress and anxiety melt away within seconds of the first toke, and as it settles into you waves of relaxation flow through your body. It’s like doing yoga on top of the highest mountain at sunset on the most beautiful day ever. You feel at peace, at ease, and able to smile at just about anything. No lack of patience with anyone or anything, no anger or animosity can arise, and everything feels like it should; serene. It is reminiscent of taking Communion for me. That feeling of being washed clean, inside and out, like your soul has been refreshed and your mind made new again. The effects of Communion last for hours, with a gentle taper down and no real side effects to be experienced. High consumption will only exacerbate these feelings, and smokers who prefer feeling completely saturated will truly enjoy Communion and her ability to satisfy even the stoniest of stoners.

Photo Caption: Jake W. – Romulan Genetics

When Romulan Genetics started creating this project they had every intention of making something special. Nothing created at Romulan Genetics is done without specific intentions and goals in mind, and many projects have been scrapped and moved on from simply because the high standards and expectations fell short. But not with Communion, she was special, and it was clear from the first stages of her creation. Starting off with a Durban Poison selection, hunted from older seeds, Romulan Genetics mated it with a Grapestomper OG. Those plants were eventually hunted through for the absolute best selection with the most unique flavors and smells, before being paired with Romulan to bring her very desired effects into the genetics. The outcome was better than what was hoped for, and the F1 progeny has created some of the most stable and beautiful plants to come from a feminized strain that Romulan Genetics has ever made. The focus at Romulan Genetics is almost solely on the creation of regular photoperiod seeds, and feminized seeds are just something that they rarely release. The last time was in 2020, and it wasn’t until September 2022 that the high demand for more of these feminized Communion seeds forced Romulan Genetics to release a new batch. It’s available now at many of their seed banks and through their own website which delivers worldwide. But with the popularity growing, only time will tell how long it will remain available. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on some of these seeds, you too will understand why they gave it the name: Communion.

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