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Strain Report: Guapa Empanada De Piña 22

Strain Report: Guapa Empanada De Piña 22

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Bred by: BloomSeedCo Harry Palms
Height: Up to 18 ft Tall.
Yield: Medium/Low
Flowering Time: 70 Days Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis/etc. ratio: Hybrid/ Sativa dominant
Taste: White Pineapple
Scent: Pineapple
Onset: Quickly
Duration of High: Long
Type of High: Powerful, sweat-inducing, smacking harder than a slap boxing competition.
Medicinal Qualities: Euphoria, nausea relief, pain relief.

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A legend in its own time. It is one of the hottest strains to enter the Hash & Rosin arena. This strain was the result of a massive pheno hunt. Over a thousand seeds were run in a season to find this Super Winner. She grows tall with substantial internode spacing. Small buds ranging from the size of ping pong balls to a forearm, roughly 2 inches in diameter. Skinny long fan leaves give this hybrid a sativa look in the garden. The melt coming from this has a white glow with a kinetic sand consistency.

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It’s a true Six Star Melt that’s already won several competitions this year. In Rosin, she similarly has a practically white color. Truly stunning visually. The Terps are wild! A true White Pineapple flavor that’s incredibly rare, loud as a concert on the nose, as well as taste! Busting open a jar of this in Hash or Rosin is like taking a Tropical vacation. Toes in the sand, blue waters ahead, sounds of the waves crashing into the shoreline, your favorite drink in hand, and a plate full of White Pineapple.

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