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Cannabis Tarot™ January 2022

Cannabis Tarot™ January 2022

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Cannabis family, Beautiful Existence (B3) here celebrating the new year with YOU and the Cannabis Tarot™  Apprentices, providing the Cannabis Plant Spirit wisdom you need for the beginning of 2022…

  • The first Cannabis Tarot™ card read for you is from Cannabis Tarot™ Apprentice, Sammie Rae, and which represents the Cannabis plant’s roots, our root chakra (Muladhara), and the recent past, with Five of Swords
  • Second, the Cannabis Tarot™ provided us the Six of Coins through the Cannabis Tarot™ Apprentice Maia, which represents the Cannabis plant’s stem, our heart chakra (Anahata), and the placement of the present…
  • Third, the Cannabis Tarot™ Apprentice, Kay, drew for us the Page of Wands, which represents the Cannabis’ flower, our crown chakra (Sahasrāra), and the near future

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*DISCLAIMER* These readings are my/our interpretations of the deck, not specifically meant for one person, situation, or outcome. I do not proclaim any answers, actions, directions, or authority over anyone at any time. All readings are the interpretation of the viewer/listener/other. Thank you.

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