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Cannabis Tarot™ December 21′

Cannabis Tarot™ December 21′

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Hello from Leavenworth, WA for the December 2021 reading!

Connecting to the Cannabis Tarot™, and providing the wisdom that Cannabis Plant Spirit would like to share for December 2021…

  • The first card the Cannabis Tarot™ gave us this month represents the Cannabis plant’s roots, our root chakra (Muladhara), and the recent past, with Reversed Three of Cups
  • Secondly, the Cannabis Tarot™ gave us the Eight of Coins, which represents the Cannabis plant’s stem, our heart chakra (Anahata), and the placement of the present…
  • Lastly, the Cannabis Tarot™ gave us a third card which represents the Cannabis’ flower, our crown chakra (Sahasrāra), and the future with Reversed Three of Coins…

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*DISCLAIMER* These readings are my interpretation of the deck I channeled and am connected to. I use my guidance, intuition, and wisdom to produce a message to the collective, not specifically meant for one person, situation, or outcome. I have, and will ALWAYS advocate for each soul to interpret all messages from their own divine authority and guidance, and to seek their own understanding of any communications from their own sovereignty first and foremost. I do not proclaim any answers, actions, directions, or authority over anyone at any time. I offer what I am given, the rest is the interpretation of the viewer/listener/other. Thank you.

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