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Creative Cannabis Lifestyle Hacks

Creative Cannabis Lifestyle Hacks

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Living the green renaissance means re-purposing, recycling and re-working things in sustainable and creative ways. One of the greatest things about being a creative DIYer is taking something old and making it into something new and Cannabis consumers are known for their interesting ingenuity; awesome and sometimes hysterical creations are fused deep into the fabric of cannabis culture.

Here are ten interesting hacks to try out, some are new and some not so- but all are useful. 

DIY Grinder

If you don’t have a grinder handy, dig in those pockets. Find a penny and clean it well, preferably with rubbing alcohol which also sanitizes. Drop the penny and your buds in a small pill bottle or jar and shake it vigorously. The penny will grind up the bud for you very effectively while leaving your keif for later.

Munchies and Meal Time – Two Birds

Tired of overeating while high? Schedule your smoke sessions around meal times. Doing this will ensure won’t eat as much because it is a normal mealtime, you’ll satisfy your naturally hungry tummy while taking care of those weed munchies. This is not a perfect science- Granddaddy Purple will have you eating regardless.

Be The DJ

Everyone knows that good music enhances our highs while adding good energy to a gathering of friends. We’ve all been there- friends, burning blunt and iPod on shuffle. Things are going great until “The Macarena” comes on via your throwback playlist. The red cheeks and fumbling makes it even worse. Prevent this awkwardness by having a go-to playlist ready for smoke sessions, alone or with friends.

Birthday Crutches

That collection of birthday and holiday cards takes up space and crutches are kind of spendy for what they are. Be one with sustainability by cutting up those colorful cards and saving them for rolling with later. This also honors friends you may smoke with who have given you a card, creating a great nostalgic conversation while blazing.


Roach Clip Emergency

Smoking joints and blunts can be a great thing until the very end. It can become difficult to puff and pass when your hand roll has burned down to a roach. With the last bit being the most concentrated with psychoactive oils, no one wants to just put it out. Scan each head in your circle for a bobby pin or grab one from your bathroom. Bobby pins are a fantastic DIY roach clip on the go.

Burn Free Beards

Beards are in friends and it shows everywhere you go. Men are working hard on crafting the perfect look with their testosterone fueled facial covering. Open flame becomes a precarious thing when a beard is near. Don’t be that guy with the smelly singed hair, remember to spark that joint with your face pointed up, not down- plus you look proud.

DIY Glass Cleaner

Glass cleaners are a dime a dozen- there are a broad variety of brands to choose from and some work better than others. At seven dollars a bottle, you want to be sure you find the effective one, or you can take a moment to run to your local grocer instead. 91-99% isopropyl alcohol and sea salt is a very cheap and highly efficient option. Simply dump the salt into your piece, just coating the interior, next pour the isopropyl into your piece. Plug the openings and shake vigorously then leave to sit for 20 mins. Once you pour it out your piece should be good as new. If you rarely clean, you may need to perform this method two times.

Black Out Your Glass

Light and circulating air ages your stash- It is science. Go grad a mason jar and some black paint. Paint the glass all around and let it dry, then repeat for two layers of black paint. You have now taken care of the light. Take those beautiful buds out of their bag and place them into the jar and replace the self-sealing lid. You have now taken care of the circulating air. Problem solved.

If you want more than just a simplistic black jar, check out Pinterest or YouTube for some seriously creative decorative mason jar ideas. If you head to YouTube, be sure visit SKUNK TV  while you’re there. 

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Cold Cure Your Stash

Storing your cannabis properly can actually increase the quality, aroma and flavor. Take your brand new, black painted mason jar when you’re through smoking and place it in a dark, cold place in your house such as the back, bottom of your closet. This will create the optimal conditions necessary for a cold-cure.


Swab That Nail

Dabs are here to stay and their popularity is growing. Have you ever wondered how some people have pristine looking nails but yours has a growing black film? This can be remedied by keeping a stash of Q-tips handy. After you have taken your dab, simply run a Q-tip around the base of the nail to clean off the remaining oil residue. This will ensure you have an impressive clean quartz nail each and every go.

Handy Rolling Tray

Keep a copy of SKUNK Magazine in your car, in your room and somewhere in the living room. This will ensure that you always have quick access to a rolling tray. Once the rolling is finished you can convert the SKUNK rolling tray back to its original purpose and have an excellent source of knowledge at your fingertips to read while high.



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