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Tory Lanez has been in the media for most of 2022. Not for the non-profit work he does for families affected by incarceration through Mission Green. Not for his album reaching a million streams in 24hrs with rapper Moe 3 accompanying him on this single. Not for him choosing to work with an upcoming music producer in Oklahoma named Rob Stovall VS a known producer giving respect to the underground music community. Not for him covering legal fees for numerous families during a time in his life he was losing millions of dollars. But instead, Tory Lanez has been plastered all over media most of 2022 for allegedly shooting female rapper Megan the stallion in her foot. Much like the scene in the classic movie “Harlem Knights” mainstream media kept the story going off a nightclub argument that landed Megan with a bullet in her foot.  

Court records of Megan the Stallion’s testimony of the description of when Tory allegedly shot her in her foot resembled the movie Harlem Knights as well, especially when she claimed Tory shot at her feet instructing her to dance.   

Tory Lanez’s lyrics in his newly released single “Sorry But I Had To” State “I am watching N***** analyze me how you protecting me but made this whole plan to fry me? Since the event, you never called me but can’t deny me? If you got shot behind, how can you identify me? “ 

Lanez also mentioned the 90’s pop star JOJO for taking him off of her record “Come Back” on her new album after the case hit mainstream media with him and Megan the Stallion. He ends the song by saying ‘I feel like Famous Amous, they want the downfall of every black man”. 

Mainstream artists like Drake and DaBaby have shown support for the artist Tory Lanez while many industry elites have distanced themselves as well from the now-convicted rap star.  

Music Producer Rob Stovall expressed today in an interview regarding his choice to work with Tory Lanez after most of the industry had already found him guilty before a jury did express, “I believe that there is a lot of politics within the industry. Coming from where I am from, Oklahoma, wrongful convictions are a daily struggle. I believe that it is a very bad black code that needs to be changed, black men being wrongfully convicted” 

Did Megan the Stallion play a part in the dismantling of a black man’s career through peer and PR pressure?   

Let’s analyze the facts.  

FACT 1  

Tory Lanez was attending a Kardashian party in July 2020 at the million-dollar home of Kylie Jenner, the sister of Kim Kardashian. Megan the Stallion whose real name is, Megan Pete, was sharing a ride with a woman named Kelsey Harris, The Stallion’s friend, and personal assistant. Megan’s bodyguard was also in the SUV with them. After an argument Megan the Stallion reported being shot in the foot.   

FACT 2  

Prosecutors pushed in the court proceedings that Tory Lanez was guilty of being the gunman during a heated dispute when Pete tore down Peterson’s rap career. During an unknown time in the argument, Pete screamed to be let out of the car, at which time Lanez allegedly repeatedly fired at her, some authorities said, other authorities reported shots coming from a different shooter.   

Fact 3  

A detective testified as an independent witness, who testified under oath, seeing the shooting happen and that the gun’s muzzle flash went off, and was closer to Kelsey Megan’s friend than Tory.     

FACT 4  

Megan The Stallion did not report the injury off the top and changed her story more than once on details during the alleged incident.   

Criminal Justice Reform Advocate Weldon Angelos spoke yesterday in an interview about the guilty verdict.  

“He was presumed guilty by the industry before knowing what the facts were”, states Weldon Angelos. Angelos Leads Mission Green. A non-profit that aims at ending incarceration for cannabis, as well as assisting families affected by incarceration. Weldon also has a lucrative career in the music industry as a lead Music Producer. Tory Lanez reached out to Weldon when the first reports of Megan being shot had his name attached as the shooter.  

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This past Friday a jury convicted Tory Lanez on three charges, assault with a semiautomatic handgun, carrying a loaded and unregistered firearm in a vehicle, and discharging a firearm with gross negligence. Tory could face up to 22 years in prison despite overwhelming evidence that Lanze was not the shooter.   

“Now that he has been convicted, I believe the negative media coverage played a role in that guilty verdict. The judge prohibited him from speaking about exculpatory evidence in the case publicly but allowed the other side to essentially publicize a narrative that likely made it difficult for jurors to be objective.”  

Weldon goes on to explain “jurors do not understand most of the time what ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ means. The evidence presented at trial produced a very inconsistent narrative and lacked sufficient evidence to sustain a guilty verdict on the most serious charge. When Tory initially reached out to me to look into his case, something didn’t seem right. And after seeing all the evidence from the trial, I am even more convinced.” 

Immediately after the verdict was read and the jury left the courtroom and Tory Lanez’s father screamed, “This wicked system stands judged before God almighty!” He then pointed to the two prosecutors in the case and yelled, “You two are evil, wicked people. You know exactly what you did.”  

The Death Penalty Information Center reported in 2004 that, “Over the past 15 years, at least 200 California inmates have been freed after courts found they were unjustly convicted – nearly twice the number of exonerations as in the next two states (Illinois and Texas) combined”.  

They also went on to explain, “Some 63% of wrongful convictions in San Francisco’s research sample of 30 cases involved serious police error or misconduct. Some 47% of wrongful convictions in the sample involved serious prosecutorial error or misconduct. More than 90% were upheld on direct appeal”.  

Tory Lanez’s defense team will now prepare for a California judge to determine his sentence. His charges face up to a possible 22 years in prison.   

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Feature image photo credit: Weldon Angelos

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