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How Your Dispensary Return Policy Can Improve Customer Retention

How Your Dispensary Return Policy Can Improve Customer Retention


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One of the best ways to raise customer satisfaction and keep them coming back is to have a dispensary return policy that won’t frustrate your clientele. While product returns are never ideal, building trust with your consumers is paramount when convincing them to visit your storefront for all their cannabis needs.

Providing customers with friendly and understanding service is paramount, especially since a large portion of customers are still being educated about cannabis products. Implementing a fair return policy will help build your reputation and give customers peace of mind when experimenting with new products.

No Questions Asked

Establishing a no questions asked return policy can quickly earn the trust of new and existing clientele. This would essentially give any customer the opportunity to return products for any reason during the first 30 days since purchasing the item. There are obviously some stipulations such as having the purchase receipt or at the very least a loyalty profile that lists all previous transactions.

Dispensary sales associates can then offer customers store credit so they can purchase something that will be more suited to their needs. Integrating this policy into dispensary protocol will go a long way with your clientele and it can be streamlined using your dispensary POS software. When purchasing inventory for your dispensary it’s important to make vendors aware that this is your policy and they need to be willing to honor that in turn.

Building Customer Trust

One of the best ways to build trust with customers is listen to their concerns about the products they return. Instead of inquiring why they are making the return, asking about their experience with the product and what improvement can be made will be mutually beneficial.

While their might be an occasional customer attempting to abuse your dispensary’s lenient return policy, these are few and far between. In the event that a customer is clearly trying to take advantage of the policy, deal with these on a case by case basis. One way to avoid a high volume of product returns is to be very selective with the vendors you choose to work with as high quality products have fewer returns.

High Retention Rate

Increasing the number of repeat customers isn’t so much about telling your clientele how good you are but providing an experience that won’t be soon forgotten. Customers are able to buy with confidence if they know that if the product isn’t effective or doesn’t suit their ailments they can come back and exchange it.

Retaining customers will also be dependent on how well your dispensary staff can educate customers on the products. The more they understand about how it’s used, the related effects, and the dosage the lower the chances are that they will return the product.

Superior Customer Service

One of the major benefits of having a generous dispensary return policy is that it leaves a lasting impression of impeccable customer service. Clientele typically want to avoid heated confrontations when attempting to make returns, so when they encounter friendly customer service and are granted a return automatically it is not soon forgotten.

Providing customers with a hassle free return experience will also lead to positive customer reviews on third-party platforms such as Weedmaps, Leafly, and Potify. New customers will be more willing to shop in your dispensary knowing that if they run into any product related issues they can receive store credit for something different.

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