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Zen Water Ballet

Zen Water Ballet

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Enjoying Cannabis in my favorite environment.

A couple of nice long full-bodied tokes off the Vape pen and I step into the still salt water of Paradise. With a few smooth swim strokes, I glide effortlessly into the deep end of a beautiful indoor saltwater pool. Fresh air blowing through windows and light music floating in the air welcomes my awakening cannabis-infused mind. I leave the past behind and usher in the present moment. I enjoy bud that softly relaxes my body but opens my mind into a heightened awareness of movement and sensation. I have found swimming to be the perfect complement to ethereal qualities of a Ganja high.

Yoga intertwined with swimming has become my twice weekly water workout and personal yoga session. Swimming is a great full body workout that can be easy and relaxing allowing one to just stretch and ease a tight or arthritic body. Or it can be an intense muscle building workout pushing oneself to the edge. Personally, I have my own goals of an overall toned body, but I let my body dictate where my limits are and how to best move my body that day, in that moment.

I spend my deep pool time treading water while intermixing swim strokes with yoga moves and stretches. In the shallow end of the pool, I focus on single leg standing yoga postures. The increased buoyancy of the salt water allows me to hold the postures in their full outstretched form. Yet the light movement of the water demands my focus to flow with the energy of the water. My cannabis high opens my mind to full awareness and allows me to feel the water and feel my body with delight and awe. I feel the energy flowing powerfully thru my arms and legs. With cannabis my thoughts are clear, and I have discovered that by simple shifting of my thoughts, I can upgrade my consciousness to increase the strength and vitality of my body.

Being in the water demands the body to be in a perpetual state of movement. The very act of breathing increases the flotation or sinking of my body. As a result, my body is in a perpetual dance responding to the flow of my breath and movement of the water. What I know from years of Yoga is that true Yoga is the unchoreographed movement of the body in response to the breath, with the breath in charge, and the mind just along to witness, to feel, to experience, to be the dance. And that’s exactly what I experience: A Zen Water Ballet.

Outwardly the high of the Cannabis supports the letting go of everything and everyone else in the room. Inwardly Cannabis draws me into a state of total absorption of “Feeling” of “Being”, in my own personal Zen Ballet of movement in the water at the pool, called Paradise.

Give it a try. Experience your own Zen moment in Water.

GuruSue is a Yoga and Mediation teacher
Combining Spirituality with Cannabis.

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