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Vaping Cannabis Flowers is Healthy

Vaping Cannabis Flowers is Healthy

Let's Vape Some Flowers

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Some Precautions and Warnings⚠

I can personally attest to how much healthier it is vaping cannabis (using a high-quality vaporizer and quality organically grown cannabis) than it is just smoking cannabis. When I say vaping cannabis is healthy, I mean vaping flowers; not oil/extracts in pre-loaded cartridges. Cannabis oil/extracts meant for vape-pens are made from organic matter, and therefore can “spoil” fairly easily if not preserved somehow. Hence, it really comes down to what else is present in those oils besides pure cannabis extract—so, watch out and be vigilant. Secondly, I have normally found oil extracts to have (obviously to me) been grown synthetically, so they really suck in that respect as well, to your health, and your palate.

Seeded Up or Even Moldy, Vaping is Way Better
You Can Fully Enjoy Seeded Cannabis Buds by Vaping Them

One of the most important things about vaping cannabis flowers is that you have a high-quality vaporizer. However, if you are suffering from something like Bronchitis, or COPD, vaping flowers could easily make either of those worse. This is not due to any unhealthy constituents, but because when you vape you are essentially “peeling” off and inhaling pure resin from the flowers. Pure resin expands a lot in your lungs, almost always; making you cough to some degree. Anyone that has smoked real true old-school Honey Oil, knows exactly what I’m talking about. With bronchitis or COPD, I would say go with edibles—Duh!

When I refer to (potentially unhealthy) vape-pens, that vape cannabis extracts, I am referring to those types with preloaded cartridges. I personally would never use those, because you just don’t know WTF is preset in that chit besides the pure extract. There are also vaporizers that will vape oil/extracts that you have grown and made yourself, so if you want to vape your own Honey Oil, Shatter, Rosin, or whatever, there are pens that can do this well, but again, you a need higher quality in those pens/vaporizers. I will show you my favorite portable vape in this article, that vapes flowers (or your extracts). Let’s get on with the show, shall we?

Not Only is Vaping Cannabis Flowers Healthier than Smoking…

I used to smoke a lot of doobies/bong-loads/hash/honey oil etc., and I always had kind of a shitty cough from it all, and I could tell my lungs were not very happy about it in general. Since I started vaping flowers—like 15 years ago—not only do my lungs feel much better, but it also saves me huge regarding the amount of cannabis I actually go through in a given week. Using a quality vape is really what it’s all about good peeps. I have tried several of the mediocre quality vapes, and they just don’t do what they’re supposed to do, at least not nearly well enough when compared to the champions; in my humble opinion.

High Quality Vaporizers are the Only Way to Go
Taste the Difference Using a High-Quality Vaporizer

Having your own source for cannabis flowers, whether you grow them yourself or know where to get quality organically grown herbs, gives you control over what exactly is going into your body (and not burning your throat). Let me just say right here that you will need to be spending at least a couple hundred dollars on a quality vaporizer, in my experience. Well worth it if you ask me. Vaping cannabis is healthy, especially using quality vaporizers.

PAX 3 Flower and Extract Vaporizer
Rev’s Favorite Portable Flower Vaporizer – The PAX 3 Baybee

My all-time favorite vaporizer, that is also portable/rechargeable, is the PAX; specifically, the PAX 3 (right around $200.00 USD). I have owned all of the PAX vapes so far and I loved them all, PAX 1, PAX 2, and PAX 3. They last for years, like 5 years or more, and with a little care they will always rock-n-roll for you. In the video I show some detailed stuff regarding the PAX 3 that I think will help you out to get the best experience from your PAX 3, should you choose to get one.

The Devil’s Advocate—Downsides to Vaping Flowers

  • If you vape flowers, really good flowers, with tons of resin, constantly, you can get a gnarly cough from the massive expansion in your lungs every time. Vaping, or smoking, are both bad ideas with COPD, Bronchitis, or during any illness involving respiratory distress.
  • I dislike the vaporizers that “catch” the vaporized resin, in bags, then you hit the bags. Give me an awesome direct hitter baybee. That just bugs me, badly, heh heh.
  • If you vape synthetically grown flowers, all of that synthetic crap (like EDTA etc.) will still be present in the resin to harsh out your throat (that shitty burn in the back of your throat during exhale); the way that it always does. Vaping won’t save you from that big bad synthetic monster.

Upsides to Vaping Flowers

  • Using a quality vaporizer, you can really cut down on your herbal consumption levels; I for sure did. You get so much more, from so much less cannabis, using a quality vaporizer.
  • Vaporizing cannabis is healthy, compared to smoking it. As long as your cannabis is organically grown, and you are using a high quality vape, in my experience.
  • You can vaporize seeded up, or even moldy buds, if you have to, and still get the best experience you can get from that level of low-quality herb. Seriously, like huge! Remove all the seeds and stems you can, grind it up, and then just “peel” off pure resin vapor, delicious.

The Devil’s Advocate—Downside to the PAX 3

  • It can’t really take a drop too well, on hard surfaces, repeatedly especially. I’ll list a really cool PAX 3 accessory (below) that will protect from dropping issues; with links for you guys as well.
  • It takes about an hour and a half to fully charge. While this is all good with me, if you are super-chronic, it may seem like an eternity-LoL.
  • It does cost around $200.00 for a PAX 3, I wish it was more like $120.00, but in this case, you really are paying for super high quality, so, I can live with it.

Upsides to the PAX 3

  • Super high-quality oven/bowl temperature control with 4 temperature settings. This gives you thee most pure and delicious cannabis vapor—wowzerz! Different kinds of herbs work better with different temperature settings, so feel that stuff out. The PAX 3 also vapes extracts.
  • Portable/rechargeable. Really nice for being mobile with. You can vape 5 or 6 full bowls on a single charge. It only takes 1.5 hours to fully charge from dead. Note: You will definitely want a good USB charger for this unit, the smart/intelligent kind, otherwise it can take over 2 hours to charge.
  • Stealth, and I mean holy crap! I have personally used my PAX in places like theatres, pubs, and cars (parked), and there are no “stinky weed smells” at all. If someone is right next to you, they could smell it, but 6’ away, they can’t. Your breath, however, will have a powerful herbal note to it, for about 10 minutes after vaping. ????
See Link Below to Get These Bumper Guards on Amazon
Using Protection Spares Your PAX from Dropping Damage

Afterword with Rev

Check out a high quality vape and see for yourself why I say it’s obvios that vaporizing cannabis is healthy baybee! Especially if you consume herbs often, like me. I always had like bronchitis or something when I smoked cannabis all the time. I smoked a lot! These days I have tamed my habit into semi-moderation.

Another huge bonus for me using the PAX, in the winter, is that it also makes a fantastic hand warmer. It just takes a standard USB charger and comes with its own charging cord that uses a magnetic contact for the PAX itself. Whether you decide on a PAX, or another high-quality flower vaporizer, you should check out vaporizing your flowers, because vaporizing cannabis flowers is really healthy compared to smoking flowers; also, way-way tastier! Cheers amigos and amigas, hope you enjoyed your stay, catch ya’ll on the flip-flop next week.

L8r G8rs,


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