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Former Mississippi Governor to Open Medical Cannabis Facility

Former Mississippi Governor to Open Medical Cannabis Facility

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Jackson, Miss — The former Democratic governor of Mississippi, Ronnie Musgrove, is entering the cannabis industry. Joining forces with a healthcare executive, Musgrove is applying for a state license to operate a medical cannabis testing facility. Musgrove and fellow attorney Quentin Whitwell are seeking to obtain a license to open Magnolia Tech Labs, looking to establish their business in Marshall County.

The Mississippi State Department of Health has begun accepting applications for a new medical cannabis program in the state that will serve growers, processors, medical practitioners, patients, testers, and transportation and disposal providers.

“To me, medical marijuana is … a natural progression of options for health care in Mississippi and America. I mean, to me, it’s obvious that it will eventually be offered in all 50 states,” said Musgrove, as reported by Associated Press.

Mississippi voters overwhelmingly approved a medical cannabis ballot initiative in November of 2020; however, the state Supreme Court invalidated the results in a decision that the initiative was improperly on the ballot.

Musgrove served as Governor of Mississippi from January 11, 2000, through January 13, 2004. This year Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves signed a bill establishing a medical cannabis program.

Whitewell is the owner of Mississippi businesses Panola Medical Center and Quitman Community Hospital.

Musgrove’s actions are consistent with a trend of former politicians entering the cannabis industry when returning to the public sector.

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