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The first-ever Terpene Supper Club was a huge success

The first-ever Terpene Supper Club was a huge success

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The first-ever Terpene Supper Club, held at award-winning Vtown Provisions, was a huge success! The event was hosted by the talented and funny Ngaio Bealum of Netflix’s Cooking On High, and featured some amazing sponsors including Sanctuary Farms, KGB Reserve, Globs, Sonoma Hills Farm, Noble Gardens, Khemia, Landrace Origins, Manzanita Naturals, Next Level Edibles, and CBCB.

The Terpene Tournament was organized by two incredible individuals, both of whom are dedicated to advancing the cannabis industry and promoting responsible and ethical business practices. The first is a long-time patient advocate and cannabis expert who created the original terpene flashcards. With years of experience in the industry, this individual has become a trusted voice in the cannabis community and played a crucial role in the success of the Terpene Tournament.

Photo Credit: Tony Bowles

The second organizer is Samantha Sage, founder of Kind Philanthropy. This organization provides tools and resources to support social responsibility initiatives for companies in the emerging cannabis and psychedelic sectors. Samantha has a deep commitment to social justice and equity in the industry and has worked tirelessly to promote responsible and ethical practices among businesses.

Together, these two organizers brought their expertise and passion to the Terpene Tournament, creating a unique and memorable event that celebrated the best in the industry while also promoting awareness and advocacy. Their dedication to advancing the cannabis industry in a responsible and ethical manner is a testament to the incredible potential of this rapidly-evolving field.

Attendees were treated to non-infused gourmet food, craft flowers, concentrates, and mocktails. The chef was blown away by the cannabis concentrate sous vide, and the most popular vendors were Sanctuary Farms, Manzanita Naturals mocktails, and dabs from Globs.

Photo Credit: Tony Bowles

The event highlighted BIPOC, Latina women-owned, LGBTQ, equity, and legacy companies, and a portion of the proceeds went to medical cannabis advocacy. The event was a great opportunity to spread awareness and participate in advocacy while enjoying some amazing cannabis products and food.

The intersection of terpenes, cannabis, and cuisine is a fascinating one, as terpenes not only provide cannabis with its unique flavors and aromas, but they also play a role in the effects that different strains have on the body. This has led to a growing interest in pairing cannabis with food, much like wine or beer.

Cannabis and food pairing involves identifying the dominant terpenes in a particular strain of cannabis and pairing it with foods that have complementary flavors and aromas. For example, a strain with high levels of the terpene limonene, which has a citrusy aroma, might be paired with seafood or salads with citrus-based dressings.

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Photo Credit: Tony Bowles

This approach to cannabis consumption not only enhances the sensory experience of consuming cannabis but can also heighten the flavors of the food being paired with it. As the cannabis industry continues to grow and evolve, we can expect to see more exploration of the intersection between terpenes, cannabis, and cuisine, leading to new and exciting culinary experiences.

Overall, the event was a huge success, and no one left with the munchies! It was a great step forward in helping to end the stigma surrounding cannabis use and showcasing the amazing products and companies in the industry.

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The Feature Photo is Blunicorn from Sanctuary Farms. Photo Credit: Tony Bowles

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