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The Emerald Cup Xperience

The Emerald Cup Xperience

The 13th Annual Emerald Cup is going to be the ultimate celebration of California cannabis culture.

Founder Tim Blake, the visionary behind The Emerald Cup, continues to fulfill his vision of creating a space where the world’s best organic sungrown cannabis can be displayed and celebrated. This event has grown exponentially over the past 13 years and this year won’t be any different.

So what can The Emerald Cup fans expect for 2016? They can expect to see the same high caliber event with informative educational panels, one of the biggest cannabis competitions in the world, 2 stages with great music, more vendors, more organic food options, as well as some new attractions we have set for our attendees.

The primary focus of the Emerald Cup has always been to celebrate cannabis farmers across the state and the amazing organic medicine they work hard all year long to produce. With a strong focus on sustainable outdoor farming, The Emerald Cup has tried to bring awareness over the past decade of the superiority of sungrown cannabis, not only for our bodies for but for our planet as well. Continuing to bring awareness of progression in the sustainable farming world, The Emerald Cup has added a new award, The Regenerative Farming Award. With this award we hope to celebrate farms that take it a step above and beyond ‘organic gardening’, they are the true stewards of their land and the pioneers of a movement we hope many cannabis farmers will join in. Regenerative agriculture is exciting. Tim Blake and the rest of The Emerald Cup team are working on a way to introduce this caliber of farming into the Flowers competition of the Cup.  It will be exciting to see who will be setting the bar for the inaugural Regenerative farming award in 2016!

Also recently announced on Emerald Cup’s social media, was the new ticket level called The Emerald Cup Xperience. The new Xperience is the reinvention of the old school VIP ticket. The idea of the new Xperience pass is to offer a completely different level of experience to the fans. We took the VIP concept that we had last year and improved it so that our Xperience attendees really feel like they are experiencing The Emerald Cup in a new way.

What can you expect with The Emerald Cup Xperience?!

-Custom Exclusive T-Shirt/

-Access to 2 Xperience” Lounges, (one in the medicating area and one in the general access area). Lounges include Screens that showcase the music, panels, Stoner snacks and couches will be available in both. Medicating lounge will also contain a dab bar and complimentary cannabis products.

-In and Out privileges

-Private Bar in the NON-215 Xperience Lounge

-Meet and greet with some of the artists.

-Admission to the Friday pre-party at the fairgrounds

-Swag bag that includes a bunch of stuff from sponsors, etc.

-VIP 215 Wristband Station Access

Ticket for The Emerald Cup Xperience on sale now at!

As Emerald Cup Festival draws closer, more exciting details will be released. Stay Tuned!

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