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Emerging Market Opportunities That Will Empower and Catapult Growth in The Caribbean — Grow Panel at this Year’s CANNAVAL Conference & Expo Announced  

Emerging Market Opportunities That Will Empower and Catapult Growth in The Caribbean — Grow Panel at this Year’s CANNAVAL Conference & Expo Announced  

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Planting the seeds of knowledge will be the primary goal of an array of industry leaders scheduled to talk at CANNAVAL, the first educational medical cannabis and hemp conference and Expo in the US Virgin Islands hosted by the Agriculture Commissioner, Positive T.A. Nelson with 420MEDIA agency and NT Media Productions. Expert speakers are excited to educate government and medical officials, business professionals, pioneers, and potential patients about growing in the newly legal territories.

CANNAVAL will be held on Saturday, July 20, on St. Croix. The event is designed to educate and empower the people of the U.S. Virgin Islands while presenting the best in class products and services to build the infrastructure of the medical cannabis, hemp and CBD industries on three islands currently writing regulations.

Speakers in the upcoming cultivation panel have well over 50 years of combined experience and a wealth of knowledge that will empower the US Virgin Islanders to effectively and efficiently build a solid foundation for the industries to flourish. This year’s speakers include:

Mike West is researcher, entrepreneur, author, and adviser to companies engaged in the medical cannabis, adult use cannabis, hemp farming, extraction, and products industries. Mike studied Molecular biochemistry, earned certificates in Renewable energy, Sustainable building, and received a degree in international environmental law at CU/Boulder. He has been advising private companies since 2008, including biotechnology, Extraction and renewable energy companies. He has successfully designed, implemented, and managed commercial operations for investor groups and has helped open 6 Recreational companies, 40+ medical cooperative farms, 4 hemp processing facilities, and 3 infused process manufacturers. In 2012 he moved to Washington, to expand research in phytocannabinoids and became an early proponent of Phytocannabinoid. Pharmacological solutions and patient-driven studies now in development in 5 US states & 3 countries.

Adam Dunn
At the age of 19, he pursued greener pastures and set sail for Amsterdam. Within a few months, he started his dream job at the Hash museum owned by Sensi Seeds where he could educate himself and others on the myriad of uses of hemp and cannabis. During his time working at the Hash museum, he was fortunate to meet all the prominent people in the industry such as Jack Herer, Robert C. Clark, Jorge Cervantes, Ed Rosenthal, just to name a few. Advancing the culture since the early 90s, Adam founded HempWorks, T.H. Seeds, and Hemp HoodLamb clothing in Amsterdam before moving to Colorado in 2010.

Sierra Riddle is the mother of Landon Riddle, a pediatric cannabis patient 6 years cancer free after battling with authorities to treat her son with medical cannabis. She is now a patient, caretaker, business owner, consultant, and runs a nonprofit to help others seeking cannabis as a medicine.

Chris Cantella is a licensed general contractor, grower, and entrepreneur for over 25 years. He has built multiple homes in Southern California and his work can be seen in “Better Homes and Gardens” Magazine. He is a 20-plus year Cannabis grower.  Chris has built multiple permitted cannabis grow facilities throughout California, Washington and Oregon that includes dispensaries, collectives, and both indoor and outdoor production. His extensive knowledge led him to become one of the founding members of the Probiotic Farmers Alliance. The PFA provides a platform to educate and discuss with others the best growing techniques for the purest, safest, healthiest cannabis. Chris has formed and operated a cannabis nutrient company in seven states and is the head cannabis breeder at “Garden of Dreams” seed company where he has produced over 50 exclusive medical strains using only the finest genetics.

Roman Vyskocil has bred over thirty strains of cannabis in the last two years. He is also experienced in hempcrete construction, growing and breeding cannabis, extraction, cooking with cannabis, and a general knowledge of the history of cannabis and the potential possibilities it holds as a plant that will impact the world. Roman’s mission is to promote, educate, empower, and help create a  ocally sustainable method and model for people all over the world to use the cannabis plant to create and develop all of the industries involved for the benefit of the planet and all things living on it.

Event activities for CANNAVAL will begin on Friday, July 19, with island excursions for guests, a meet and greet reception and an evening of networking events followed by the full program on Saturday, July 20. The expo will present a diverse group of leaders and expert educators across many sectors of cannabis and hemp with panels and presentations running throughout the day. Global, mainland and local vendors will be present to display and share information about their products and services with the public. CANNAVAL attendees will also have access to an exhibition showcasing the latest products, technologies, solutions and services that help advance cannabis and hemp cultivation, business operations and medicinal use. For more information, log on to

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