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2 Cool Things: PAX Mobile Vape & The Clone King Aero-Cloner

2 Cool Things: PAX Mobile Vape & The Clone King Aero-Cloner

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SIMPLE AND TO THE POINT(s) for this article, and in this one we will check out “Two Cool Things” (cannabis related things) that I think are worth mentioning. In my 45 years of growing and enjoying cannabis there are certain things that just stick out and are highly functional, and what can I say, awesome! First let’s look at the PAX portable vaporizer, and then, my very favorite aero-cloning machine; cheers, I’m The Rev (REvski) let’s rock this joint…


PAX 3 Mobile Vaporizer for Flowers

Seriously, I’m not shilling for PAX here, I’m not a mouthpiece. I have used the PAX for at least 5 or 6 years now, and until recently I had the original PAX that hung tough with me, and I am hard on stuff. I use my PAX almost every day for sure. Online you can find the latest PAX 3 for some pretty good deals, and I have seen them on sale for $200.00 USD; retail is more like $275.00 for the newest PAX so look for the deals. You may be thinking… “Dayum Rev, that’s pretty spendy!” I agree, it is, however, in this case you absolutely get your money’s worth in my experience and opinion.


The size of the PAX 3 is perfect

Here’s some things that are very cool about this vaporizer:

  • It keeps a perfect vaping temperature for 100% vaporized flowers. Many cheaper vaporizers tend to burn some flowers along with vaping some.
  • The oven (bowl) can be stuffed to equal a nice doobie’s worth of flowers. On a single charge you can vape about 7 or 8 fully stuffed ovens.
  • New awesome flat rubber mouthpiece makes for an even better vaping experience. The original PAX’s mouthpiece could occasionally burn your lip slightly with resin.
  • It is a little smaller than the original PAX and so fits in your pocket even more stealthy.
  • The original only took 45 minutes to charge, but the charge would only last for about 4 oven’s worth of flowers; the PAX 3 takes about 2 hours to charge—with a super cool new charger—but lasts for many more ovens full on a single charge.
  • A highly mobile unit and very easy to clean.
  • Like the original PAX, the PAX 3 also works as a kick ass hand warmer when it’s cold, and PAX stays just warm on the outside never hot.


The flavors and effects when vaping flowers are elegant

Personally speaking, once I became a vape-head it was hard to go back to bongloads and doobies. Because compared to vaping your herbs, smoking them is akin to smoking cannabis that tastes “rope-like” while vaping is like smoking the finest extracted honey oil with all the flavors brought out to the max. Also, I was able to heavily conserve my buds when making the switch to vaping; I would guess my consumption went down by at least 30% if not closer to half.


Rev’s Tip: Using the PAX indoors or outdoors is a stealthy affair, and unlike smoke there’s really no lingering smells at all, even in pretty small rooms and I have used mine plenty of times outdoors in pretty public places without any detection whatsoever. Your breath will smell like cannabis for a short time though but not in a big way—you would have to be very close.


Clone King Aero-Cloner

Clone King 36 Site Aero Cloning Machine

Alright then, next cool thing is a very efficient aero cloning machine by Clone King. The one pictured is one of my 36 site cloners. They also make 64 site cloners as well. This is your basic aeroponics machine using a simple water pump, some small plumbing, and standard sprayer heads inside that mist the plant stems encouraging them to grow roots. These are about $70.00 (USD) on Amazon (see link below).


My standard cutting size leaving two nodes below the collar

If you get one of these units, I strongly advise you to get extra sprayer heads, and extra foam “collars” that hold the cuttings in place. I would also always have a back up water pump. Now I have used these cloners for at least several years each, and I have never had one of their stock water pumps fail, but I have an extra one; it’s a pro move. With extra sprayer heads you can simply replace any clogged sprayer heads and clean them with some H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide) later, then just recycle them back into service as needed. In the photo you can see my basic cutting size, and the arrows are pointing to the nodes on the cutting stem where roots usually show first.


I let cuttings soak in water for 24 hours before placing into cloner

I don’t use any kind of hormones or cloning gels at all, just good water. Let me explain why I do this, because in the longer term especially, it makes for far less work by you. First of all, one of my tricks I use is letting the cuttings soak in pure water (bottled spring water) with cut stems submerged (as shown in the photo of the cuttings in the big blue shot glass). Usually I let them stay there for 24 hours before I place them into the cloner. In my cloners I run water that is a mixture of my chlorinated city tap water (unfiltered) with reverse osmosis filtered water to equal a PPM value of 30 PPM or so. To this, per cloner, I add 1 tablespoon of CaMg+ liquid calcium and magnesium supplement. I top the cloners off with same water mixture, and I add 1 or 2 teaspoons of CaMg+ per gallon of cloner refill water.


Using a dry erase board tracks cutting genetics at a glance

I like the chlorine in my water to keep microlife at a minimum. Using just water I can run my cloners 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for about a year before I actually need to clean my cloners—it’s true. I am constantly cloning, and it takes me about 10 days to have well rooted cuttings ready to plant into some very mellow living soil. If you were to use any of the gels or hormones/nutrients made for cloning you would get roots faster, and more of them, but you would need to clean your cloners regularly due to the microbial life that will populate the cloner when nutrients are present to consume. They tend to clog things up much faster (with bio-slime) as well in my experience. So, whichever way you choose, these cloners are inexpensive, easy to maintain, and my results are like 90% plus success rates.




You can see in the photo one of my cloners with its Dry Erase Board “key” to help me keep track of many rooting genetics at once. You just draw the circles (representing each cloning site) with permanent marker; and then, simply fill in and erase the circles with the pertinent information regarding the cuttings as you roll them in and out of the cloners. I hope yooze guys found some useful chit here to help you out. Until next time, Revski out!


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