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Tasting Notes for A Golden State: SFV OG

Tasting Notes for A Golden State: SFV OG

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Nose: Peach pit, crushed cinnamon stick, raw honey drizzled over vanilla gelato, bitter chocolate shavings melting on sizzling hot crepes, tangy orange marmalade comes into view spilling itself asunder with dollops of hot engine oil and puddles of European petrol under foot.

Palate/Mouthfeel: Perfectly cured to reveal deeper notes of espresso coffee bean, crushed minerals, and campfire smoke signals of dried Greek Oregano crusted shish kebab served sizzling hot just off natural wood charcoal

Stone: Whatever I’ve been smoking since I ran out of A Golden State, doesn’t do what the SFV OG does to my writing agility. It’s deeply introspective and each puff of the SFV OG opens my brain just a little bit more. Each puff adds to it a certain kind of intellectual fuel. Further puffs take me just a bit deeper than I’ve been in recent months. Perhaps a trip to Dia Beacon is in order to open my eyes along with my mind?

The SFV OG is as good as it gets in my opinion of carefully tended California grown cannabis. I think the answer why is not in the technology, nor the nearly obsessive nature of propagation at A Golden State. It is in the plant herself. She responds to the preening and the attention to detail exemplified by the metrics and beyond the numbers lays a different quotient entirely. The plant herself, shows her beauty and candid nature by being the very best she can be. Why? I think it’s the water. Sure there are other methodologies at work, but at the end of the day, Mt. Shasta is the reason for their place in the universe.

And right now, she is smiling in each draw from the perfectly formed rice paper that says simply: High Quality.

Of course it says that.

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Photo credit: Warren Bobrow

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