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Strain Report: The Halle Pennberry F1

Strain Report: The Halle Pennberry F1

camnnabis world news strain reports image of Halle Pennberry F1 plants growing

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Strain Name: The Halle Pennberry
Height: She can get tell tall but loves to train
Weight (yield): Above average she packs
Flowering time in days: 58-65
Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis/etc. ratio: New Age Exotica Hybrid
Taste (burned and unburned): Berry spicy perfume mouth coat
Scent (burned/unburned): Floral musky grape
What the dried bud/crumbled bud looks like: Pink, purple, orange, green, nose burn astringent
Speed of high onset: Fast onset high gratefully extended hanger
cannabis world news strain reports image of Halle Pennberry F1 bud squeezed between two fingers
The Halle Pennberry is a fine ass cross between my Magnificent Mile Iranian Landrace S¹ #76/300, aka “Mag Landrace,” times the 2020-2021 fan fav PSGX strain $exy $alsa. I reversed the $$, which was Bahama Mama X Salsa #2 (God Bud × 1980’s Mexican Red Hair) pheno selected as the J Money cut. This strain came out of a line that got tested yet was never released for personal reasons called Sex, Ultra Violence And Piece Of Versace. All the PSGX lines that don’t get released we call Grey Lines… sometimes I keep them for Breeder purposes after micro-testing the line openly online… in this case, the line never got dropped but birthed some amazing strains like Killjoy, Street Jesus 309, Car Sex, ReggaeJunkieJew, Sunsinger and a few more.
The Halle Pennberry was named in honor of Halle Pennington, who took the Midwest by storm in 2021 after Illinois went REC legal. Humboldt Seed Company without question is the most popular & trusted seed brand in the Midwest currently throughout hydroponic shops and gardens alike across the Heartland. So, I wanted to salute her work with recognition as a leading groundbreaking female in this industry. Also, I have a 13-year-old daughter who works the plant with me named Tristan, so I have always thought a lot of Nathaniel Pennington. Nat is lowkey one of the Top in the world in 2023, no question, the numbers don’t lie; cappers do.
cannabis world news strain reports Halle Pennberry F1plant budding
HSC was really my only competition in the Midwest from 2020-2023 lol and they slung way more packs than I did and took hella Illinois shops from me too lmao so respect, they inspired me ultimately.
The Halle Pennberry F¹ is a sativa dom plant that purps hella early in most all the phenos with bright white and orange hair that browns early. Very, very strong genetically as you can see in the reveg picture attached that reveg is from her flowering out once, dug up, transplanted, and flowering again right now without a single male flower in South Lake Tahoe freeze to freeze. She is a mouth coater and a tetraterp morpher meaning she goes from spicy to berry to musky to perfume back to a lupine astringent finishing as a sorta chemical grape depending on indoor or outdoor plant self-protection reasons.
I did hit my Halle P selection cut with Ed Rosenthal Super Bud Dipper, so maybe the Halle P lives on; we shall see. Much love and thanks to all I know I am crazy, but I am just super excited about weed.
The plant is the bond… people are the ones who create separation… not the plant… although a fair level of duality is always recommended.
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Photo Credits: Nathan Black ILL, Patrick Wilson KCMO and 3ll_Mixed_up

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