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Strain Report: Chem&Kanye

Strain Report: Chem&Kanye

cannabis world news promos strain reports image of budding cannabis plant of Chem&Kanye strain

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Strain Name: Chem&Kanye

Height: Medium stature

Weight (yield): Way above the average chunky monkey

Flowering time in days: 60-70 days with a few rare longer phenos here & there

Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis/etc. ratio: New age Exotica hybrid

Taste (burned and unburned): Cider, Cinnabon, metallic

Scent (burned/unburned): Skunk, fruit funk, red apple wine

What the dried bud/crumbled bud looks like: Purple pink & lime green high-end appeal

Speed of high onset: Freight train

Duration of high: Two-hour bursts, easy to recover high

Quality/type of high: Narcotic poppy field

Medicinal qualities: Muscle relief, comfort, numb, wanna smoke and poke weed

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cannabis world news promos and strain reports image of plant top against a black background

cannabis world news promos strain reports
Photo Credit: Patrick Wilson KCMO

Chem&Kanye from PSGX.WORLD is the F¹ crossing of a Chem Apple X Blood Bath from the Murder, She Wrote feminized photo period line.

Chem Apple we pheno selected from seeds back 2021-2022 given to us by Soren Darr Essenciere out of Grass Valley. Soren is an old friend of mine from way back in 2005 when I hitchhiked to California in 3 1/2 days and started growing indoors on Donner Pass Rd.

cannabis world news promos strain reports image of budding cannabis plant of Chem&Kanye strain
Photo Credit: Patrick Wilson KCMO

The Blood Bath [Bubble Bath X Red Velvet] bred by LIT FARMS was pheno hunted & selected by us at PSGX.WORLD and then used for the line. The cut is now known as “The Murder Cut.” We just loved the plant lineages on the Blood Bath, and we found a true huge finger gem out of 80 plants that shined from day 1.

cannabis world news promo strain reports Chem and Kanya strain genetics report graphic
Photo Credit: Patrick Wilson KCMO

Expect one of the most drop-dead gorgeous plants in the room from Chem&Kanye she is true time traveling terps meets new age exotica structure in coloration times bag appeal. We dropped hella these packs in L.A. at ZALYMPIX 2023 this year, so this strain has been jumping with lots of SoCal Growers PSGX loves that SoCal smoke outdoor done right down in the Jungle. Flavor-wise she is a strong hashy, apple wine skunktified tasting plant with a deep opiate robust poppy field head type nodding high. She will leave ya seeing Stars and sending me elated & haunting dms for weeks on end. Yes, she dumps homie.

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