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Rev’s Rave: Bhai Bhai

Rev’s Rave: Bhai Bhai

Massive Bhai Bhai calyx and resin production

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AVAILABILITY: Breeder Stock at (KOS)


BREEDER/ORIGIN: Opie Kenope Hybridized and Gifted to KOS (me) Over a Decade Ago

SIZE: Lean and Mean – Has Some Stretch but Fills in Nicely

WEIGHT/YIELD: Large for a Sativa

FLOWERING TIME: 10-11 Weeks Indoors

SATIVA/INDICA RATIO: I Would Say 75% Sativa

LINEAGE: – Burmese x Juicyfruit Thai f1 Hybrid

FLAVORS/SMELLS: Real Candy and Fruity Overtones and Black Hashish Background

BAG APPEAL: Very Intoxicating Looking and Unique Covered in Resin

ONSET TIME: 10-15 Minutes

LENGTH OF EFFECTS: 2-3 Hours Strong


My old buddy Opie Kenope hybridized this true 2-way f1 over a decade ago and gifted me some of the seeds. There are those of you out there that are already familiar with this rare but wicked good hybrid from back in the early 2000’s. I wanted to do a Rev’s Rave on this one due to it’s real deal old-school roots, it’s power, and the unique nature of its resin properties regarding high-type.

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This hunny is powerfully sativa dominant; and, has some of those sativa properties I personally love huge. She actually borders on speedy, with a sharp edginess to her for reals. For some this would translate to paranoia, so some caution should be used in that case. She is very dank, with background candy and fruity overtones; hash on the exhale, equally strong in the smells and flavors. A touch of body to the high, but it is fleeting within the first hour or so and the sativa takes over for the most part for the next several hours.

I renamed this hybrid that Opie made since it had no name, so I used a whimsical contraction of Burmese and Thai to name it Bhai Bhai

Opie made this hybrid around 1999-2000 using the olden Juicyfruit Thai from Canada that a lot of Vietnamese farmers used to love to run outdoors up there, forever. That Thai has some distinctive indica facets to it. The Burmese he got from Serious or Sensi Seeds, I forget which one. The Burmese was pure intense, edgy, and a (fully) potent old-world sativa; like yikes potent.

Bhai Bhai starting to beef up
Bhai Bhai starting to beef up

GROWING INFO: She is dreamy to grow, easy as pie and not fussy at all. Trimming her is like a dream as she has a fairly high calyx to leaf ratio.

I would grow her untopped indoors, and fairly close together. Alternately you could top her using larger growing containers, and more space as she will tend to get pretty wide. Outdoors I would top her for sure, this plant would get BIG outdoors, fast.

Bhai Bhai bud

SMOKE REPORT: Personally, this is one of my favorite rides in the world of cannabis recombinations. Excellent as a “muse” for creative endeavors, especially like painting/drawing or sculpture, highly visual creations are extremely enhanced. She has long legs, so the ride will see you through your chosen activities. Even just chilling on her and listening to music is outstanding, but I usually find myself a bit too motivated to sit still for long, LoL. Not really what I would call a socially conducive high, out in public I will get a real detailed inner dialog going, that will make me often bust out laughing for no apparent reason. If you are lucky enough to have some of these seeds or clones, then you know what I mean here; a real showstopper, especially for those rare exotic qualities she brings to the table—REvski out.

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