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Lil Twist Celebrates the Launch of Lil Twistys in Los Angeles

Lil Twist Celebrates the Launch of Lil Twistys in Los Angeles

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Lil Twist is a Dallas, TX-born Rapper signed to Lil Wayne’s record label- Young Money Entertainment. If you have listened to Bedrock, Steady Mobbin, and Little Secret (to name a few), you’ve heard him bless songs with 16 bars or more. 

Recently, Lil Twist celebrated the launch of Lil Twistys in the Los Angeles market by visiting four dispensaries in the city. I was in attendance to celebrate GKUA Ultra Premium’s fresh drop of Lil Twistys and meet the face and name behind the live resin-infused pre-rolls. 

About Lil Twistys

“Eyes low like a flat tire, I smoke big like a wildfire”- Wild for the Night lyrics.

Photo Credit: GKUA Ultra Premium

Every product released under GKUA Ultra Premium is tested and approved by Lil Wayne (co-founder, co-owner, and face of the cannabis company), so this product on the market means that the cannasseur himself approves and beyond. Lil Twistys come in sets of 3, .8 gram joints that contain: cannabis flower, live resin, cannabis concentrate, and kief, testing at 35% THC. Lil Twistys keep the GKUA promise to provide “the best high of your life.”

Lil Twistys are produced from GKUA Ultra Premium flower, and Lil Twist, like Lil Wayne, tastes and approves before moving forward. Each GKUA strain selected for Lil Twistys is selected carefully, then smoked and tested by Lil Twist before we ever get the pleasure of seeing the product on shelves: for example, bigger joints. The original Lil Twisty was supposed to be .5 grams, but Twist wanted the joints to be bigger. 

Lil Twist Visits Los Angeles Cannabis Dispensaries 

“I’m living the life on a high note”- Contact lyrics

On February 26, 2022, Lil Twist made appearances at 4 Los Angeles cannabis dispensaries:

  • Dr. Green Thumbs
  • Wonderbrett
  • Marina Caregivers
  • Gorilla RX

I met Lil Twist at Dr. Green Thumbs, where anticipation and excitement filled the space as fans and cannabis lovers patiently waited for Lil Twist to arrive. The doors were open, allowing the sun to shine into an already vibrant dispensary. When the black Sprinter pulled up, the elevation of excitement was felt. As he walked in, it was like his aura provided a high because as he walked through, the faces inside began to smile, and stars could be seen in each person’s eyes. 

A true lover of cannabis, Lil Twist held on to a Lil Twisty as he engaged the crowd, signed autographs, and stepped behind the counter to bud tend. The vibration of love for Lil Twist, Young Money, and GKUA was felt all over the dispensary. I had the opportunity to meet and have a moment with Lil Twist. I asked him about his love and relationship with cannabis; he responded: 

“I haven’t put Cannabis down since I picked her up; she is in my every day.” 

Remember that pre-roll I mentioned that Lil Twist was holding on to? That one was my 1st; my 1st experience with the Lil Twistys Live Resin Pre Roll

Lil Twist continues to pop up at dispensaries to showcase Lil Twisty’s and connect with fans and cannabis lovers around the country. Just after Los Angeles, Lil Twist visited dispensaries in Oakland, CA, and word has it there are more coming. 

Review of Lil Twistys Live Resin Infused Pre Roll 

Photo Credit: Author

“No flex, zone (no), two grams, too sauced (woo), Twist still smoking that good (yea), Swisher Sweets or Blackwood (which ones?)”- No Flex Zone lyrics. 

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  • Strain: Tropical Twist
  • Hybrid
  • 35%+ THC
  • Lil Wayne tested and approved
  • Impact: Potent, heavy, very relaxing, euphoric
  • Flavor: nature, grassy with a hint of floral

Lil Twistys take me from ground to clouds within four inhales. It is a mix of head and body high for me, the head high being euphoric, happy, and in a deep state of thought delivered by the potency of the pre-roll. Because of the potency, I am in an ultimate state of relaxation, and this feeling provides calmer and slower thoughts, while the euphoric and happy feeling transfers into those thoughts. In the physical, my shoulders loosen up, my body melts into the seat, and my eyes are a little heavier than usual. 

Consuming beyond four inhales elicits a total state of calm with a smiling mind (my face is too heavy to actually smile). What I mean is, I’m able to space out my thoughts, evaluate each one in a state of calm and happy, and arrive at solutions that really resonate with me; impulse is dissolved.

When I smoke the entire joint, it starts with all of the above and ends with magical sleep. For me, a full Lil Twisty means the perfect balance of a heavy body and eased mind, making the journey to sleep an easy and pleasant one. Lil Twistys also makes staying asleep easy; I sleep 7 hours minimum after a full joint, and that’s not normal for me. I appreciate that end result! 

By the end of my experience with my 1st round of Lil Twistys, I felt like: “I think you’re bionic, and I don’t think you’re beautiful, I think you’re beyond it”- Every Girl lyrics. 

Thank you to my sponsors, who supported my travel to Los Angeles to cover this launch:

The Gram Co., V9Grows420, Herbal Euphoria Skyn & Body, St. Louis Cannabis Club, and The Cola Lounge.

Feature Photo Credit: GKUA Ultra Premium

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