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Cannabis Infused Gummies Without the Cannabis? Yes, it’s a Thing!

Cannabis Infused Gummies Without the Cannabis? Yes, it’s a Thing!

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On April 1st of this year, a surprising twist emerged from the cannabis frontlines: Goldmine Gummies, renowned for their potent, pot-infused treats,  launched the world’s first 100% cannabis-free cannabis gummies.  Their THC versions of the gummy flavors were a hit and customers were asking for virgin ones for the flavor profiles when they didn’t want the high. These “virgin” gummies are available for $6 a pack on and in the same bold flavors Goldmine is known for (without the psychedelic side-effects): Anti-Gravity Wild Strawberry, Slumberjack Huckleberry Pie, Tropic Trip Guava Hibiscus, Sweet Relief Ginger Yuzu, and Mastermind Watermelon Jalapeño.

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The jokes about munchies and sugar-highs wrote themselves but the products are sincere.  At first, the move was “motivated by Goldmine fans wanting more” explains Goldmine CMO Anna Walters. With the gummies legal everywhere, anyone can get in on the cannabis buzz without getting, well, buzzed. Note to TikTok: the grown-up sweets are strictly for adults.

Most commercial gummy candies contain corn syrup and gelatin, which is made from animal collagen, a protein that makes up connective tissues like skin, ligaments, tendons, and bones. However, Goldmine Gummies are 100% vegan and cruelty free. Instead of using corn syrup which has been linked to heart disease and type 2 diabetes, Goldmine Gummies use cane sugar. So you get a healthier vegan option with Goldmine. And now you can choose to imbibe the cannabis gummies when you feel like getting a buzz on or the cannabis-free version when you just hanker for the taste of gummmy goodness without the cannabinoids, yet still get your favorite brand flavors.

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Goldmine Gummies are all-natural, vegan gummies in bold and unexpectedly delicious flavors.  Goldmine’s cannabis-infused products are available in California wherever cannabis is sold and for direct delivery at Goldmine’s cannabis-free gummies are available nationwide at and Created and distributed by Breez.


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