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Want to Make the Best Hash? Understand Your Microns

Want to Make the Best Hash? Understand Your Microns

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At Boldtbags, we understand the importance of using the right micron size for collecting high-quality hash. We believe that using Boldtbags will result in better quality hash because our bags are designed to capture only the purest resin while keeping out contaminants and impurities.

When it comes to choosing the right micron size, it’s important to understand the different ranges and what they mean for the quality of your hash.

For example, the 220μ micron size is a cleaning bag that collects all contaminants, including dirt, which means you’re likely to have more contaminants than resin at the bottom of the bag. However, with Boldtbags, you can be confident that our bags are designed to keep out any unwanted contaminants, resulting in a cleaner and purer product.

The 219μ-180μ micron range can be tricky to clean, but with several trichomes in this range, there is good news. There will be even more hash in the bottom bags!

We also want to note that you’ll want to rinse, rinse and rinse your hash some more. Let gravity do its job so the trichomes find their way to the proper micron levels rather than using a vibrator 🙂 

Vibrators can be good tools, but sometimes through their vibrational efforts, they force incorrectly sized trichomes through to different levels. Hence why we encourage you to rinse, rinse and rinse, and rinse some more.

The 150μ-179μ micron range is rosin material, a potential goldmine if your garden and separation are clean. With a light to moderate amount of material that will not vaporize, if you see more trichomes than contaminants here, it’s because you’ve done a great job in cultivation! This resin will rarely be full melt, but it can be great – and also used to make rosin.

At Boldtbags, we know that the 120μ-149μ micron range is good pressing material, and this is a rise—generally an extremely high-quality material. With little material that does not vaporize cleanly, it is almost (or is) a full melt. Enjoy it as is, or turn it into rosin.

Expect a very good quality result from the 90μ-119μ micron range. This hash collected around here also tends to leave very little residue when vaporized and can turn into rosin, but we recommend it in its original form!

We also want to note that for the lower microns in general (73μ-45μ), you’ll want to rinse, rinse and rinse some more. This micron level is also a gold mine. 

The 70μ-89μ micron range can also produce great quality resin with a lighter blonde color than other resins. This is our personal favorite hash. Expect moderately melted resin, but there will be a moderate amount of material left that will not vaporize. It can be turned into rosin.

Lower micron ranges, such as 40μ-69μ (this is the money zone).

This is your money bags and makes great traditional hash.

25μ-40μ, can be a sign of immature flowers or a plant with a low yield. However, cannabidiol-rich varieties generally fall into these ranges. The 25μ usually collects the oils and makes for a darker oily full melt hash.

In summary, our patent pending Lock Top Boldtbags are superior in the following ways:

  • Suspended at any level above the waterline of your bucket or barrel so you can do the best rising.
  • The most accurate microns lay flat when pulled over the barrel for easy collection.
  • Less strain on the body ….This is a good thing,

With Boldtbags, you can have confidence in the quality of your hash, no matter what micron size you choose.

Feature Photo Credit: @nashahumboldt

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