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Ganjier’s New SAP Scale Aligns Cannabis Assessment with Widely Accepted Wine Scoring Standards

Ganjier’s New SAP Scale Aligns Cannabis Assessment with Widely Accepted Wine Scoring Standards

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Humboldt, CA – The quality of cannabis in today’s legal market is currently being judged, priced, and sold primarily on the basis of its potency (as determined by the THC content of the product). This method of evaluating the actual essence of cannabis is both inaccurate and incomplete—analogous to using only the highest alcohol percentage or caffeine levels to assess the quality of wine or coffee, respectively.

To address this issue, the Ganjier Cannabis Sommelier Training and Certification Program significantly upgraded its proprietary Systematic Assessment Protocol® (SAP)—the gold standard for assessing the quality of cannabis—to align more closely with the established scoring and assessment scales widely accepted and practiced in the wine industry.

Ganjier devoted over three years and thousands of hours to developing the current iteration of its Systematic Assessment Protocol®, known as “The SAP,” to create a 100-point scale that delivers the most thorough and accurate cannabis quality assessment method developed to date.

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Photo Credit: Ganjier

Integrating Appearance, Aroma, Flavor, and Experience, the SAP incorporates the power of each of the four senses that interact with cannabis to critically assess its true quality for both cannabis flower and concentrates based on a standardized set of criteria.

Building on these years of refinement, the most profound adjustment is the actual formula that calculates the final overall assessment score. In concert with this change, Ganjier published a chart defining where each score falls within the quality rating scale from “Not Recommended” to “Supreme.” Until now, one assessment score was merely higher (or lower) than the next without any real context of what the score actually meant.

The new formula has been built to bring the SAP identically on par with the internationally recognized scoring systems utilized by Wine Spectator and Robert Parker. As an already familiar standard, this change is anticipated to accelerate the consumer’s understanding and interpretation of Ganjier scores and, in turn, accelerate industry-wide adoption of the SAP as the gold standard for cannabis.

cannabis world news consumer education promo graphic detailing Ganjier's services
Photo Credit: Ganjier

The Systematic Assessment Protocol® has been rigorously tested and validated by the cannabis industry’s most qualified experts, including Emerald Cup judges, scientists, legacy cultivators, concentrate gurus, terroir experts, and more. Leveraging decades of combined experience, this group of industry leaders collaborated to develop and refine the SAP into a state-of-the-art tool that provides enormous value to the cannabis industry.

“While lab tests are useful in providing a chemical profile snapshot, we must utilize our own senses to reliably identify the genuine essence of any gustatory-based product—like wine, for example,” said Derek Gilman, Ganjier’s Managing Director. “Bringing cannabis scoring in line with that of wine encourages the industry to assess, judge, and characterize the essence of cannabis with the same level of rigor and clarity that wine sommeliers do.”

More information on the Systematic Assessment Protocol® and accompanying graphics is available here.

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