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Datura’s Daughter

Datura’s Daughter

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All links are IMPORTANT for thorough understanding. This is not light reading.

cannabis-world-news-consumer-education-gif of white flowers of giforium
Gif credit: Tumblr giforium

I had briefly read about Datura as a late teen/20-year-old. The plant intrigued me and was always in the background of my walk (studies). She wasn’t of utmost importance to me, regardless of Her ever presence. I simply wasn’t ready…until I was.

My stumbling upon Datura in real life was serendipitous and so unexpected.

In August 2019, I was having a full moon stroll with a beloved musical genius. We will call him FireBird.

FireBird and I were discussing the Andromedin star system and the Arch(acnid)s of Time. He and I tended to get deeply esoteric with each other. He kept up with me AND expounded upon conversation to the point where I found myself having to keep up with him. Despite the craziness of our connection, he and I were kin in that way. Hearts that sincerely sought to be One with Mystery.

Selene, in Her fullness, beamed down on us. Crickets sang their song, and East Atlanta’s humidity cloaked our skin.

We’d come across his neighbor’s house like we did a million times before, but I guess this night, the neighbor’s Datura blooms were at peak ripeness just for us to see.

The flowers held their faces up towards the moon. Their sentient, Gramophone petals bellowing out Her intoxicatingly quiescent aroma. I gasped. Literally. In awe.

FireBird was off-put, but I told him it was Sacred Datura, and he trusted my giddy response. Omg, FireBird, I read about that plant before; see! Come on!

I innocently went over to the neighbor’s yard and inhaled with my whole lung. I picked a flower, and nectar spilled over my fingertips. I eagerly put the flower in his face for him to inhale and experience Her as well.

I was ignorant that an inhale + nectar absorbed through skin alone will send you on a trip- though not nearly as deadly as ingesting the seed. Things got creepy, crawly, hilarious, scary, and <<~FreaQQy~>> (freaky::frequency), to say the least. An unplanned Datura encounter is an initiation in and of itself. This animalistic plant tends to stay with you. Your shadow is the humectant, and Datura is the moisture. I have learned that it is possible to come across certain plants and be inside their vortex…indefinitely.

Four years have passed, and I have been inside Datura’s Fib0nacci ever since- with less intensity as time goes on.

Here is some of what She’s revealed to me…

Vision Quest & Flying Ointment

Datura (Thorn Apple, Jimsonweed, etc.) belongs to the Solanaceae family- the same family as tomatoes, potatoes, and bell peppers. She is a weedy perennial with large trumpet blooms and stanky, menacing leaves. Solanaceae is unique in that several species contain the presence of strong alkaloids. Alkaloids are multifaceted organic plant compounds and can be toxic to humans in even low amounts. Within Datura are three tropane alkaloids: atropine, hyoscyamine, scopolamine. Of the tropanes in Datura, hyoscyamine tends to have higher concentration; however, depending on the species + time & place of harvest, tropane concentration may vary. Datura’s alkaloids (as with all Solanas) affect the body in a host of ways, but the most common are pupil dilation; reduced secretions from respiratory, urinogenital, salivary, and other mucosal glands; effects on the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system; rapid increase or decrease in heart rate.

Datura is a deliriant under the hallucinogen umbrella. In the offshoots of Reddit, one can find the r/Datura community where users describe their Datura horror storiesDeliriants (aka derailments) trigger erratic behaviors that can endanger others or self, strong hallucinations, hysteria, an inability to realize that one is hallucinating, vivid dreams, memory loss, true dysphoria, and more. Unfortunately for most…Datura’s hallucinations are that of a waking nightmare. Ain’t nothing cute and lighthearted about Her.

Despite Datura’s terrifying association, She has been recorded for medicinal and spiritual purposes amongst various groups throughout the world. I find, as with most toxins and venoms, that the cure is hidden within the poison. It is painfully clear that earlier generations were aware of this knowledge when compared to modern people’s haphazard use of Datura. It seems as though, for the same effects tropane alkaloids cause, they can also relieve them as well.

Datura (+ Her other tropane-containing sister flowers) assist with easing migraines, pain, & muscle spasms; curbing mucosal excess; rectifying cognitive problems stemming from spine injury; settling motion sickness & nausea; regulating cardiac arrhythmia; unraveling violent PTSD and sexual traumas; and even calming asthmatic fits (when smoked). Speaking of smoke, ain’t it funny how Datura is in the same family as Tobacco? A common hallucination people report is that cigarettes appear out of thin air- and they have a smoke. Once they’re done smoking, the cigarette reappears again, and they are compelled to do it over again. Is it that during this hallucination, the body is attempting to regain control over respiratory function? Who knows…

According to Kymia Arts, fire neutralizes tropane alkaloids, and ol plant lady Emma Dupree states here (@ minute 13:13) that dried Datura leaves “help em get they breath.”

In homeopathic practices, specialists name those who could benefit from Datura as a Stramonium person. In extreme cases, this person has a deep fear of the dark, fear of danger, homicidal tendencies, an aversion to water, reflective surfaces, and being alone. They can be epileptic, manic, rageful, and schizophrenic. In mild cases, they can be dyslexic, have poor speech, or muscle ticks. I intuit that Datura heals these ailments because spiritually, this person is already in Her realm…and only She can reclaim & set you free. She allows one to overcome their fears by leaving it at Her doorstep. For She eats fear and all arcane things for dinner…

On the inverse, Datura intoxication causes extreme dry mouth/throat, extreme thirst, speaking in tongues/babble, auditory phantoms, incoherence, loss of motor function, inability to read, inability to perceive danger, and (hopefully) temporary madness…

As I said before, Datura has been used worldwide by a wide range of groups. According to Pharmako Gnosis, the Tsonga of South Africa “use Datura fatuosa in girls’ initiation ceremonies for exorcism. After the ingestion of a decoction of Datura root, the ceremony is marked by dancing, rapid drumming, disrobing, and the invocation of a blue-green pattern of the ancestor spirits” (p. 248).

One of Kalifornia’s indigenous tribes Chumash were known to use Datura ritualistically as well. For them, the main purpose of Datura consumption was to receive the gift of a dream helper. The Chumash chose the female Datura plant, dried Her root, and chewed the dried root during winter [Saturn’s season::Datura’s planetary ruler]. It is reported that their ceremonies with Datura were called Vision Quest (in Chumash Mother Tongue of course). One can even find the term Vision Quest in modern media; a prime example is in the suspense-horror film “Us” directed by Jordan Peele. There is a recurring scene where a small girl is sent to a creepy mirror-filled “funhouse” with the banner Vision Quest over the top. That “funhouse” is akin to a Datura trip…

cannabis world news consumer education graphic of large purple neon sign with native American chief and orange words: Find Yourself

In India, the powdered seeds were mixed with butter and taken internally for impotence as well as being applied to genitalia to obtain sexual vigor (Lewis 1977:330). Referred to as the tuft of Shiva, the god of destruction, Datura was also used in the form of a liquid extract by thugs – worshipers of Kali, the goddess of fertility and death – to stupefy sacrificial victims. The plant was also given to young girls in India to bring them Into prostitution as well as on their clients (Siegel 1989:21). The leaves were smoked as well in that country to relieve asthma (Lewis 1977:395).

Datura metel. Phytognosis

In European traditions, plant women were known to create flying ointments containing Datura or another tropane containing Solanas. It is possible that the creation of flying ointments is a part of why women during that time were accused of “flying on brooms.” It is said witches would apply flying ointments to their brooms or even to their vuvlas for aphrodisiac effects.

All of the tropane plants were major ingredients in various “flying ointments,” along with sundry other dangerous and nefarious substances such as water hemlock (Cicuta virosa), hemlock (Conium maculatum), monkshood (Aconitum napellus), opium poppy (Papver somniferum), soot, baby’s fat, bat’s blood and poplar (Populus spp.)

Pharmako Gnosis. (245)

Another hallucination people have reported is a feeling of flying or the sight of levitating beings. I attribute the flying sensation to an increase in heart rate. Interestingly, I have a hunch that users may also be experiencing the essence/spirit of Datura’s primary pollinator, the nocturnal Sphinxmoth.

cannabis world news consumer education moth on flower
Photo Credit: Bing Images

Now, I want you to take the time to read this. Below is an Instagram caption from artist and chemist Bryan Lehto of Bio Temple Hawaii.

This amino acid (Tropane) plays a critical role in a variety of biological processes, from the formation of bird feathers to the synthesis of tropane alkaloids and the production of polyamine spermidine. The presence of ornithine in nature is a reminder of the intricate connections.

Birds are perhaps the most well-known source of ornithine in nature. This amino acid is a critical component of the keratin that makes up bird feathers. Ornithine is an important precursor to the synthesis of the amino acid arginine, which is used to make the keratin that forms feathers. Without ornithine, birds would not be able to maintain their distinctive plumage and would be unable to fly or regulate their body temperature.
Interestingly, ornithine is also a precursor to the synthesis of tropane alkaloids. These are a class of organic compounds found in a variety of plants, including belladonna, henbane, and jimson weed (Datura). Tropane alkaloids are known for their psychoactive properties and have been used for medicinal and ritual purposes such as flying ointments for centuries. The presence of ornithine in these plants that underlie their pharmacological effects. Their poisonous berries are spread by birds.

Ornithine is a precursor to the synthesis of the polyamine spermidine. This compound is found in all living cells and plays a crucial role in a variety of cellular processes, including DNA replication, protein synthesis, and cell division. Spermidine is involved in the growth and development of plants, as well as the maturation of sperm cells in animals.
An intermediate in the biosynthetic pathways of both tropane alkaloids and spermidine are the compounds of putrescene and cadaverine, the odors of death.

If we look at the metaphors present in the biological processes of the amino acid ornithine, we see not only the metaphor of flight but the leitmotif of death, the underworld, and the resurrection of new life.

Cool rite?

Let’s keep going…

Vampire Squid from Hell

When Datura (or any other powerful plant) takes you into its vortex, intel about its occulted aspects finds its way to you without overt searching. She made it clear soon after our encounter that She is a land-dwelling expression of a cephalopod named Vampyroteuthis Infernalis, or Vampire Squid from Hell. Vampyroteuthis Infernalis hasn’t had many extreme changes over the course of its 350-299 million year existence. It is considered a living relic, which means the genetic wisdom of this creature is still intact for us to observe and understand.

One can detect the energetics of Datura in the location and physiology of Vampire Squid.

Vampire Squid dwell in the Mesopelagic Zone of the Ocean, where oxygen becomes sparce. This deepening end of the Ocean is coined, the oxygen minimum zone (OMZ). The Mesopelagic is also attributed to the phenomena of twilight. Lingering sunlight wanes rapidly into darkness, and temperature sharply declines as depth increases. The lines between the surface waters and the abysmal deep begin to transition here. Let’s consider the Ocean’s surface, or Epipelagic Zone, as Datura’s inviting flower and the abysmal home of Vampyroteuthis (OMZ) as Datura’s Lethal Alkaloids. Dawn. Dusk. Twilight.

cannabis world news vampire squid gif
Gif credit: Tumblr lattice-of-coincidence

Organisms that live at this level begin to display bioluminescence. Their eyes & physical form take on an…alien, strange appearance.

cannabis world news consumer education vampire squid gif

Vampire Squid reportedly has the largest eyes in the animal kingdom, an adaptation needed to capture any glimpse of light in the endless black seas. Its 8 arms are webbed and tipped with bioluminescent photophores. The underside of its webbing is decorated with fleshy spikes. When irritated, Vampire Squid will cloak itself in its arms, exposing these spikes. It takes on the shape of not only Datura’s inflorescence but also Datura’s radical seed pod

cannabis world news consumer education vampire squid gif
Gif credit: Tumblr lovingexotics
cannabis world news consumer education Dayura Seed Pod
Photo credit: Bing images


This blue-blooded cephalopod lives primarily in a resting state. Due to such low oxygen levels, it must maintain a low metabolism to conserve energy and even possess certain enzymes associated with anaerobic metabolism. The likelihood of Vampire Squid coming across live prey is rare- and so it feasts on detritus (decay, feces, mucus, “marine snow”) that sink from the ocean’s surface.

When reading about Vampire Squid, one fact that stood out to me is that they have “weak musculature but maintain agility and buoyancy (in the OMZ) with little effort due to sophisticated statocysts (balancing organs akin to a human’s inner ear)(Wikipedia). Recall Datura’s aforementioned Gramophone petal?. And Vampire Squid’s webbed arms? Don’t they look like triplets? What’s the connection?

Here are some field notes:

Oxygen Minimum Zone::OMZ::Ohms::Ω::OM:: H0me:: The Highly Contagious Viral Realm of Shadows:: Consequence of Datura’s toxic alkaloid scopolamine that causes respiratory failure [OXYGEN IS SPARCE]. Alchemist Kymia Arts states that the plant can cause one to suffocate themselves as they drift off unconsciously into delirium. You won’t realize you’re drowning.

Gramophone::Grandma Phone::Recordings of the Crone [Saturn; ruling plant of Datura]. Hell’s record keeper.

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Download:: Datura somehow has a mechanism on the human inner ear (statocyst, Vampire Squid buoyancy) causing muffled hearing & auditory hallucinations. When intoxicated, the victim is finally able to hear the sounds of their own inner hell- their Oxygen Minimum Zone. The way out, is to float through. Surrender to Death.

My notes

Cannabis-world-news-consumer-education flowers with gramophone
Graphic by me. Datura. Gramophone. Bioluminescent Vampire Squid.

Graphic by me. Datura. Gramophone. Bioluminescent Vampire Squid.

Datura’s Daughter Short Materia Medica

  • Planetary Ruler: Saturn, Venus, and Mars
  • Energetics: Extremely Drying & Bitter; Drying action causes Heat
  • Z0diac: Capricorn, Scorpio, Libra
  • Organ Systems: Sympathetic & Parasympathetic Nerves, Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Neuromuscular, Urinogenital
  • Properties: Deliriant, Hallucinogen, Shamanic, Poison, Anodyne, Antispasmodic
  • Associations: Death, Rot, Blood, The Devil, Decay, Madness, Hysteria, Fear, Trauma, OMZ, Gramophone, Vampyroteuthis Infernalis, Flight, Levitation, Sphinx Moths, Animalistic Urges, Indigenous, Folklore Traditions, Thugges of India (Datura shows who Thugs really are), Queen Toloache, Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts, Smoking, Lord Shiva, Chumash (California Condors), Initiatory Practices of men & the young.

WARNING: Datura no longer respects or trusts 99.9% of humans. This is why so many Datura abusers don’t learn any lessons from Her as they would Psilocybin. Approach Datura with the utmost respect, sincerity, and innocence and you might be spared…

One night, a long time since that East Atlanta evening, I was tending to my garden. I had my playlist on shuffle. The song Throw Yo Sets in Da Air by Three 6 Mafia came on. I peeped my little Jimsonweed Datura dancing to it, specifically to the first verse given to us by the late Gangsta Boo, the Devil’s Daughter, and my inspiration for Datura’s Daughter. She gave me a wink and said She liked that verse! Haha. And so, from that day, Gangsta Boo’s verse has become what I call Datura’s Chanting Prayer. Linked below.

RIP Gangsta Boo

Datura’s Daughter::Devil’s Daughter Prayer

I think I finally have located the Gates of Death

Lie awake at Night to hatch my Evil plots I find myself

Stumblin thru tha Dvrk up against tha f*chin verge of Sin

Bodies in my yard, oh my God them demons came again

People don’t you worry cus Datura’s Daughter got a plan

Ho, eternal burning you will have if you don’t comprehend

Understand this sh*t a Gangsta Bitch is sayin to ya Dawg

Lock you in the trunk, mob thru tha Night within a Mist of Fog

Never Fear a nigga callin himself a Killer- wassup B*tch?

Boy you claim you so gahdamn Buck Wild wit that weak ass sh*t Chillin at tha hideout, smokin out, not worried bout a thang

Ballin thru Black Haven deep as Hell in that Suburban mane

Always watchin my back cus niggas a jack you for yo f*ckin sh*t Female I am but don’t give a damn if I split some busta bi*tch’s wig

Three 6 Mafia niggas including one Female that’s bumpin so hard on you hoes

The only one talkin that shit is jealous ass niggas and all playa hatas you kno….

cannabis world news consumer education gif of woman walking from behind
Gangsta Boo x Throw yo Sets in Da Air

DISCLAIMER: I do not promote or recommend ingesting Datura AT ALL. Datura CAN and WILL kill you. Datura can cause PERMANENT psychosis/schizophrenia, blindness, and damage to the heart, liver, and kidneys. If ingested/applied topically, it must be done with the assistance an EXPERIENCED plant professional in THERAPEUTIC DOSES ONLY. Therapeutic doses are EXTREMELY diluted or combined with other alkaloid balancing compounds.

DO NOT INGEST DATURA. She is not a psychedelic. She is a DELIRANT in even moderate doses. For experiences similar to mine, sincere and respectful communing with a live Datura plant is all that is necessary. You can still be impacted (spiritually) by Datura without taking that risk…

DO NOT work with Datura if you are not ready to mature and deal with the recesses of your unconscious mind, the places you don’t touch…where oxygen is low…and detritus is nourishment.

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