Sherry Glaser

Sherry Glaser is originally from New York City and has been doing comedy for 40 years. She is the star and author of four one-woman shows, TAKING THE HIGH ROAD (Comic Confessions from Behind the Cannabis Curtain), The ADVENTURES OF SUPER ACTIVIST MOTHER, OH MY GODDESS! and the Longest running one-woman show in off-Broadway Herstory – FAMILY SECRETS. Sherry is a published author, workshop teacher, radio show host, Podcaster, and founder of the Peace Advocacy group; Breasts not Bombs. She has just published her antidote to the Dictionary, MAMA’S FIRST POCKET CHICKTIONARY, Taking the Dick out of Dictionary, a bridge to the feminine Paradigm.

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Taking the High Road – A Whimsical Guide Thru the Superpowers of Cannabis

Getting High, yes, that’s the goal: To rise above the maddening crowd, looking at life…