Sheena Roberson

Sheena Roberson is a trailblazing entrepreneur and a pioneering force in the cannabis community. She made history by hosting the first-ever cannabis conference for women of color and founded the largest cannabis organization established by a Black woman in the tristate area, with chapters spanning across 32 states. Beyond her entrepreneurial ventures, she is the founder of DOPE (Developing Opportunities Providing Equity), a non-profit dedicated to supporting individuals adversely impacted by the era of drug prohibition. Adding to her impressive portfolio, Sheena is a proud member of Drexel University's Cannabis Community Advisory Board, contributing her expertise to shape the future of the industry. Currently serving as Drexel University's Dorns Life Center Community Engagement Specialist, she continues to drive positive change and equity within the community. Sheena Roberson's multifaceted contributions underscore her commitment to advocacy, education, and creating opportunities for those affected by the historical challenges in the cannabis landscape. Sheena is also a proud member of the Parbola Center.

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