Samantha Sage

Samantha Sage is a Community Impact Strategist, and the founder of Kind Philanthropy. She is a second-generation social entrepreneur in Cannabis, raised in Northern California on farms, at hemp festivals, and surrounded by activists and leaders from a young age like Dennis Peron and Jack Herer. Based in Oakland, CA, Samantha has a Master's degree in Nonprofit Leadership and has over 15 years of service leadership in the Bay Area and beyond. She works with companies of every type on the supply chain, empowering them to partner with good causes and promote equity, social justice, and environmental awareness (ESGs & Corporate Social Responsibility in other words). This year she founded the Terpene Tournament, alongside her business partner, as a platform for terpene education and community impact. When she is not hyping up community impact, Samantha guides sound healings, creates visual arts, and fills up passports with international travel.

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