LinZy Miggantz

Since i can remember Ive always been very expressive visually. My imagination always running rampant. I want viewers of my heART to see that light can be attained among the darkest of times. Through learning about plants, especially cannabis, we can empower ourselves to utilize modalities of balance and take back control of our health. I put the message about cannabis's life saving effects in ALL of my work because the cannabis plant saved my life. Art is knowledge, it helps to foster growth/expansion just gazing upon it . Creating art helps to impart knowledge amongst those who may normally be put off by words. Visual expression allows the opportunity to have conversations about truths which are relevant to our world and very important. Art is a visual diologue which is an effective catalyst for necessary realizations & changes. This is why I create my heARTwork with strong psychedelic or otherworldly themed imagery. I want to create an environment to have a conversation where everyone can learn and contribute outside of the normal confines of what society dictates.

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What is Transformative Art?

Since the dawn of time humans have been creating art to express certain messages and…