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Nelson & Company Organics

Nelson & Company Organics

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In the heart of Portland, Oregon, lies a gem that has been quietly shaping the landscape of the cannabis industry with its unwavering commitment to quality, sustainability, and community. Nelson and Company Organics is not just a cannabis farm; it’s a testament to what passionate dedication to craft, combined with a deep love for the plant, can achieve. My recent visit to their facility offered a rare glimpse into the inner workings of one of the region’s most respected cannabis operations, revealing a world where excellence and humility coexist.

From the moment I stepped into Nelson and Company Organics, the air was thick with more than just the pungent scent of cannabis—it was filled with a sense of safety and belonging. Despite the team’s busy schedule, there was an unmistakable warmth that welcomed me, a feeling akin to coming home. This wasn’t just a place of business; it was a sanctuary for those who share a profound connection with cannabis.

cannabis world news organic growing hash Jellies
Nelson and Company’s Hash Jellies

The absence of pretense was palpable. Here was a team that, despite being at the pinnacle of their industry, remained grounded and approachable. The founders, Greg and Mike, along with their small but mighty team, embody the spirit of humble hard work. Their welcoming nature speaks volumes about their ethos. It’s not about accolades or recognition; it’s about a shared love for the plant and a common goal to serve their community.

What sets Nelson and Company Organics apart is not just its high-quality cannabis but the people behind the scenes. Greg, Mike, Pua_Extractions (the hash maker), and the three employees who have been with the company since its inception form a tight-knit family. This unity and loyalty are rare in any industry, let alone one as competitive as cannabis.

During my visit, I observed the meticulous care with which the team operates. Greg was coordinating deliveries, ensuring that their products reached customers without a hitch. Meanwhile, in the trim room, two dedicated employees were hand-trimming the flower with an attention to detail that was nothing short of artistic.

cannabis world news organic growing Grape Pie single source live water hash
Nelson and Co.’s Grape Pie Single Source Live Water Hash

Mike, the silent force behind the grow operations, worked with a quiet intensity. His commitment to the craft was evident in every plant under his care. The same could be said for the extractor, whose focus on perfection was unwavering. It was clear that for this team, excellence is not just a goal—it’s a way of life.

Nelson and Company Organics stands out for its adherence to organic farming practices and sustainability. Utilizing organic dry amendments and teas, the team takes a minimalist approach to cultivation. This dedication to clean, safe, and environmentally friendly practices is at the core of their mission to provide the community with the best possible cannabis.

The farm’s organic methods are a reflection of Greg and Mike’s 25-plus years of experience in cannabis cultivation. Their journey, which began out of a shared love for the plant, has evolved into a pioneering venture in organic cannabis farming. The challenges of maintaining such practices in a rapidly changing industry have only strengthened their resolve.

cannabis world news organic growing finished flower
Nelson and Company’s finished flower

Nelson and Company Organics is more than just a cannabis farm; it’s a community pillar that prides itself on working with “mom and pop” businesses across Oregon. Their engagement with the local community, albeit limited due to the demands of the farm, underscores a commitment to sustainable development and mutual support.

Looking to the future, Greg and Mike see the evolution of cannabis farming through the lens of changing consumer preferences. From the psychoactivity sought in the past to the modern chase for flavor and the resurgence of solventless hash, they remain at the forefront, innovating and adapting while staying true to their roots.

Among their offerings, the Care Free Hash Jellies stand out as a testament to the team’s dedication to quality and innovation. The Hash Chem de la Chem and Grape Pie Rosin, too, are products of their relentless pursuit of excellence, offering unparalleled quality to their discerning customers.

cannabis world news organic growing buds on plant in the grow room
Buds in cultivation stage

My time at Nelson and Company Organics was an illuminating experience. Beyond the meticulous grow rooms and the exquisite aroma that fills the air lies the heart of this operation: a team of individuals united by their passion for cannabis and a commitment to excellence. In a world where the cannabis industry is often characterized by rapid growth and constant change,

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Nelson and Company Organics stands as a beacon of integrity, quality, and humility.

As I left their facility, I carried with me not just samples of their exceptional products but a profound respect for what they have built. In the hands of Greg, Mike, and their dedicated team, cannabis cultivation is elevated to an art form—a magical blend of science, passion, and respect for nature.

Nelson and Company Organics is more than a cannabis company; it’s a symbol of what is possible when dedication meets passion. As they continue to shape the future of organic cannabis farming, one thing is clear: they are not just growing plants; they are nurturing a legacy that will inspire generations to come.

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Photos credit: Britt_Nizzle

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