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Shorties: Mini-Pre-Rolls with Full-Sized Joint Potency (Commentary and Tasting Notes)

Shorties: Mini-Pre-Rolls with Full-Sized Joint Potency (Commentary and Tasting Notes)

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I recently received a few tins of some really good teeny, tiny pre-rolls that contradict their categorically petit size with juicy and earthy terpenes, leading to some enthusiastically powerful canna-experiences. They absolutely did what they were supposed to, with a big WB smile at the end of my tasting.

The strains that I received are not your typical commercial strains; they represent to me something called craft cannabis. The reason why these are different than other craft-full-sized joints has something to do with the far-off wine industry. There are many wines on the market, but only some of them are the ones I drink. Not necessarily more expensive, but the care that goes into the propagation of each grape. Hand pruned, picked without machines, you know. Craft. Carefully raised using the best ingredients …. That’s the balance I’m seeking in craft wine… And craft cannabis. The word craft… It means something to me, and it should for you too. My three samples were all craft cultivars.

My tasting commenced with strains such as TFS Motor Breath, TFS Purple Poison and Super Lemon Haze. These are favorites of mine because of their individual strengths which I will dig into with some tasting notes…to follow.

Shorties are quite tiny and come perfectly stuffed. Each hold approximately ¼ gram of well ground flower. No stems or seeds ever! These well-crafted mini joints are finished with a finger twist. To me this is a nice touch. This little twist also has a purpose. The small profusion of paper allows for an even burn from the get-go. And my pro tip for these mini joints? Please use an all-natural, beeswax coated hemp wick to light your mini pre-roll. Why? Butane lighters can singe your hair in a flash, especially if you have long hair like mine. But more importantly, the chemical intake of butane is not exactly healthy. We all harp on solventless- until you light your joint with a butane lighter. Ha! Think for a second about what’s in butane. Not pretty, I’m sure.

Take your time. Enjoy your mini pre-rolls on a walk or when you step outside to grab the newspaper. They offer anywhere from seven to fifteen small hits. If you really want to be a hero, put a Shorties in your bong… Very creative!

Shorties Super Lemon Haze

This hybrid strain is bursting with citrus oils, dried Greek Oregano, splashes of lemon curd and a touch of summer mint tea at the finish. This is a pure and demanding smoke, perhaps a good next step for a cannabis connoisseur to bring their pleasure to the next level.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Citrus peel, citrus oil, crushed Greek Oregano. Touches of raw honey

Mouthfeel: Rich lemon curd leading to a Virginia smokehouse… the smoke goes down easily, nary a cough… well cured!

Stone: Three to five minutes before a nicely effervescent takeoff. Hybrid strains can sometimes err to the sativa element. This one is perfectly balance and easy to enjoy from the first hit to the last.

Motor Breath

This is certainly not cannabis for the neophyte as the definitely not beginner strength is captivating to say the very least. It has all the stuffing that an expert cannabis smoker seeks in their experience. I was not disappointed at all in my experience imbibing a Shorties in the hybrid known as Motor Breath.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Citrus oil predominates leading into an unfolding of stone fruits, petrol and freshly cut sod. There is a certain tangy quality to each sip, or should I say inhalation of a perfectly cured and stuffed mini joint.

Mouthfeel: Richly textured hits lead to more, but less is certainly more with Motor Breath and even if you are an experienced cannabis user, try starting with only a couple and see how you feel. The smoke is full, and your overall cannabis experience is easy to underestimate. So, start slowly!

Stone: This is potent herb that takes you by surprise. But it should be no surprise that first time cannabis users may find the experience to be somewhat overwhelming, so keep that in mind when imbibing this persuasive hybrid.

Purple Poison

This is precisely the kind of cannabis that seems to reduce my eye pressure without aspirin or Tylenol. Purple Poison is another hybrid that is Indica dominant. Surprisingly sweet, this craft strain is fruit salad forward with terpenes leading the way to a calm and peaceful demeanor. It’s certainly not couch-lock, but it’s well-geared to conversation and relaxation. I love Purple Poison because it doesn’t knock me out, but it relaxes my sense of time and place.

Nose: Arizona citrus flowers in the nose leading to caramelized, roasted orange flesh evaporating into snipped tarragon and cedar shavings. Toasted nuts like pecans and hazelnuts come into view bringing with them butter poached root vegetables like parsnips and turnips… Delicious scents!

Mouthfeel: Full bodied in the mouth with sparks of saline and crushed minerals. Exceptional flower!

Stone: Another super-potent, yet lower THC strain. In my opinion, lower THC gives me fewer headaches and more of the cannabis experience that I’m seeking. I don’t want to be overwhelmed by the smoke, but I do want to be enlightened.

Shorties do this with care and grace.

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Photo Credit: Warren Bobrow

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