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Pheno-Hunt Safari at Fire Mountain Farms!

Pheno-Hunt Safari at Fire Mountain Farms!

We’re back at it…

This time it’s just a few thousand new fem crosses that will end up available for your terp sampling pleasure through extract geniuses @errlhill … these cuts are rooted and potted up now thx to @halle_penn & @c.didd.y so all that’s left is the phenotype rating process which will be performed on the mother’s (aka the sniff and smoke). It’s a little more complicated than that though… we’ve added our “Phenotype Rating Short Form” to our website (link in bio) so you can see our process and download it to try out yourself if you like! Let us know how you might improve our phenotype rating data sheet through email but keep in mind that we’ve kept it numeric and short because we’re doing large population sifts and can query results, plus all that scoring takes time! Video by @zakpowersmusic …Stay tuned for an unprecedented Autoflower Phenotype Safari w @oregonsweetgrass

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