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Clone Shipper – Live Plants

Clone Shipper – Live Plants

A fresh batch of seeds arrived from Mr. Toad today. And a surprise came in the box, a live plant, a cut of Cherry Pie.


This is a 3d printed biodegradable clone shipper. It has dual wall construction to aid in insulating delicate cargo. It has 6″ of space for plant foliage above the cup so plants can breath.

The TOADALLY LIT BONE CLONE also snaps directly to a 9oz solo squared cup which allows ample space for roots. It comes with a LED that lasts 72+ hrs and ONE replacement LED unit so the battery or light can be replaced.

The TOADALLY LIT BONE CLONE is also extremely sturdy from the 3 DIMENSIONAL construction of the dual wall system. So when those delicate plants need to be TOADALLY SAFE BONEYARD SEEDS NORCAL HAS IS TOADALLY ON THE CASE.

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