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“High Holidaze: The Year Sativa Santa Was Born” – A Magical Adventure Streaming on CANNECTED TV

“High Holidaze: The Year Sativa Santa Was Born” – A Magical Adventure Streaming on CANNECTED TV

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Free Streaming from December 20, 2023, to the End of January

This holiday season, CANNECTED TV presents a one-of-a-kind festive film, “High Holidaze: The Year Sativa Santa Was Born.” Available for free streaming from December 20, 2023, through January, this enchanting film takes you on Santa Claus’s extraordinary journey into the world of cannabis, hemp, and CBD products.

cannabis world news media promotional posterIn a delightful departure from his usual holiday routine, Santa finds himself navigating a slew of Christmas wishes for cannabis-related products. Alongside the ‘Elf with the Top Shelf,’ portrayed by Ngaio Bealum of Netflix’s “Cooking on High,” Santa ventures from the snowy landscapes of the North Pole to the redwood forests of Mendocino, California, and the lively MJ Biz Con in Las Vegas.

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Santa with SKUNK’s Julie Chiariello

Throughout his journey, Santa encounters several key figures from the cannabis community, adding depth and diversity to his festive adventure. The film features Tim Blake from The Emerald Cup, Swami Chaitanya of Swami Selects, Xochiti Selena Martinez from Operation Evac, Jerry Munn of First Cut Farms, Tamara Kislak from That Good Good Farm, Julie Chiarello from Skunk Magazine, Stacey Theis and Randy Lanier from Freedom Grow, Deborah Borchardt from Green Market Report, Hazey Taughtme from Black Cannabis Magazine, Jason Beck from High@9 News, and Shaggy Brown from Shaggy’s Papers, among others.
“High Holidaze” is available across multiple platforms:

  • Stream online at Cannected TV
  • On LG Smart TVs via the LG Content Store
  • Through Amazon Fire at Cannected TV on Amazon
  • On Roku with Cannected TV on Roku
  • For Apple users via the Apple Store
  • For Android users at the Google Play Store
  • Website Cannected TV
cannabis world news media Santa and Elf
Santa and Elf shooting

“High Holidaze: The Year Sativa Santa Was Born” offers an engaging blend of holiday cheer, humor, and insightful exploration into the cannabis industry. Download CANNECTED TV, subscribe with your email, and immerse yourself in this festive and educational journey featuring Santa and many more from the cannabis community.


Photos courtesy of 420 Media Agency

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