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Moonspired: Spring Time

Moonspired: Spring Time

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Yesterday was the seasonal turning point of the Spring Equinox. Today is the March new moon and there is so much new energy being ushered in now. Astrologically speaking, it is the new year as the Vernal Equinox coincides with the zero point at Aries. The entire circular calendar of constellations begins the new zodiac cycle. It’s a transitional time in nature, a signal of rebirth, and after winter’s inertia, we begin to awaken again alongside the Earth. Now is a good time for spring cleaning of our house and garden, also our inner house. We can consider endings and beginnings, cycles, circles, clearing, cleansing, refreshing, renewing ~ year after year, again and again!

The ancients may not have had the internet as a resource but they certainly had some incredibly coordinated ideas about building. There are amazing monuments all over our planet visibly synched in (sun) shining glory as the sun rises or sets on the Spring Equinox. King Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem was oriented to the sunrise and on this day only, the sun shined through the door and illuminated the path to the Holy of Holies where the priest would conduct a ceremony of special prayers. There so many are other places all over the world that synch with the sun at this time of year, from the pyramids in Mexico to the serpent mounds in North America to Stonehenge in England to Angkor Wat in Cambodia to the Moai of Easter Island to the Sphinx Egypt and beyond. All our ancient cultures seem to not only know about but to celebrate, with great honor and ritual, the changing of the seasons. This is a global acknowledgment of the transition time from darkness to light. What are they trying to say?

Leadership Conscious Living Spirituality image of processing building
The trees we are not allowed to cut, due to the Mendocino Cannabis ordnances that are falling all over our farm, in this pic on our processing building. Photo Credit: Martyjuana

“The astronomical alignments of several major structures have led Graham Hancock and others to believe that many of our Earth’s cosmological systems relate to the sky of the Spring Equinox in 10,500 BC. This date marks the midpoint of the precessional cycle of 25,920 years, when the key constellations of Draco and Orion, on the north-south meridian, reached respectively their maximum and minimum altitude or culmination. Today this cycle has almost reached the opposite midpoint, marking the beginning of another period of some 12,500 years, an astronomical configuration that Hancock interprets “as a sign that some great change is imminent” for the earth and humanity” (p. 198). Heaven’s Mirror, Graham Hancock

It’s an important time to notice so that we can adjust ourselves accordingly moving forward. No matter the circumstances, the adaptation of our entire being; body, heart, mind, and soul, must be in congruence. This centered wholeness is both the goal and a continual process! We can use the naturally pivotal moments, like solstices and equinoxes, to evoke personal change. Do you need an internal cleanse, or to clean out the junk drawer or weed the garden? Probably all of them! Our bodies are sluggish from winter and our homes are piled up with things we no longer need… it’s time to make room to spring forth. Make a pile of clothes to donate. Make another pile to recycle, or better yet reuse, repurpose, and upcycle it.

Leadership Conscious Living Spirituality snow covered gnome statue
We got a lot of snow. The gnome was covered completely for weeks. Photo Credit: Martyjuana

The transitory nature of the weather at this change of season is such that two weeks ago we had more snow than rain and last week we have more rain than snow. We are readying our garden spaces, working on many projects like repairing fencing, amending soil, chopping and dropping winter cover crops, collecting pinecones and kindling, cutting tree branches that have fallen, and so on. We are generally still cleaning up the wetter, colder, crazier-than-ever winter mess. Not really fun tasks, but a necessary part of the process of farming. Because our entire project is sun grown from start to finish, we do not plant for another month. Although we usually start some early veggies now and we symbolically plant two cannabis seeds at this moon closest to the Spring Equinox.

We know many farmers who already started at the last new moon in their greenhouse or grow room nursery. But it really is still cold at night and some years there is a frost warning into early May in our zone. We have learned so much about our micro-climate at our farm above Round Valley in Mendocino County, CA and we have found the plants are happier when the seeds are started later in warmer soil and abundant sunshine. They are able to focus their efforts on sprouting and growing their most natural potential within the sun and moon cycles. An important step is always spring cleaning before spring planting.

Leadership Conscious Living Spirituality daffodils in a cluster
Daffodils are always the harbingers of spring. Photo Credit: Martyjuana

It seems more important than ever to look toward more locally based agriculture, to plant seeds literally and figuratively now for a sustainable future. Picture more farmers’ markets and backyard gardens becoming the trend. There are foods, spices, and herbal medicines that can be planted even on a tiny porch or in a sunny window. If every one of us planted our favorite, we would most likely grow more than we need and we could all share the yummy abundance. Plus gardening is a good family activity and kids love the garden candy-like sweet peas, cherry tomatoes, and berries!!! It is essential nutrition and a great education about nature and elevating awareness of responsibility. And it seems more important than ever to focus on positive energy today, knowing many factors are at play in both growing an abundant garden for food security and what the future holds in general right now for many of the global systems we rely on.

Release what is no longer needed now, let it go, and compost it! Sometimes we need to give up something in order to open ourselves to the next option… and this new moon is telling us clearly to let go in order to receive. Consider making an impact on your most local community by making some space in your yard, deck, terrace, or window and bringing home your favorite fruit or vegetable and helping it to grow. Observe the flowers beginning to bloom the beauty of the season. We can all find the positive possibilities and focus only on what we need in the now. Spring is not quite fully here but we can see and feel it bursting to express itself.

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