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MOONSPIRED: Cue the Cure

MOONSPIRED: Cue the Cure


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When we align with the moon’s cycle, we see what it has to offer our lives. Ride February’s New Moon heart-opening energies inward on a quest for healing and guidance.

Sufi wisdom says, “Patience is not sitting and waiting. It is foreseeing. It is looking at the thorn and seeing the rose, looking at the night and seeing the day. Lovers are patient and know that the moon needs time to become full.” (Shams Tabriz, Persian poet 1185-1248) And so it is, at this and every new moon, as the opposite extreme of the full moon from our perspective on earth. And we can be patient, knowing it will circle round again and again. And we can be patient with ourselves in troubled times, knowing that this too shall pass, like the phases of the moon.

Dreams and ideas can be manifest in reality, even if it is difficult to see fully right now. Expanding inward focus can bring great clarity to times of transformation. With conscious self-awareness, we can find the courage to embody the passionate grace of living. When we observe the moment & our movement in this world of time and space, we can make any adjustments at any time. Imagine impossible innovations of our wildest creations!!!


Meriam Webster dictionary says:

Cure; verb:
1. relieve (a person or animal) of the symptoms of a disease or condition “he was cured of the disease”
eliminate (a disease, condition, or injury) with medical treatment “this technology could be used to cure diabetes”
solve (a problem) “stopping foreign investment is no way to cure the fundamental problem.”
2. preserve (meat, fish, tobacco, or animal skin) by various methods such as salting, drying, or smoking.” home-cured ham.”

A cure equates to Patience and healing. When we apply the term cure to cannabis, we relate to both of the above definitions. It is part of the process to cure the flowers to perfection. And cannabis is a cure in its own right, as anandamide has been proven most useful in herbal medicine.

At Martyjuana™, our crop is grown in the highlands of Mendocino County, and we believe the climate & terroir are important but that a large part of our success on our farm is in post-harvest production. The cure, aka the methods we use for drying, preservation, and storage, allows us to bring our single-season sun-grown flowers to market all year long. Our slow-cure process helps preserve the chlorophyll, which allows the flower to stay greener longer. That curing process involves the removal of oxygen, which also prevents the growth of oxygen-using aerobic microorganisms such as molds, mildew, and fungi. It is similar to preserving herbs in the culinary world, like rosemary, thyme, lavender, marjoram, oregano, and so many more.


Growing the herb is not the hard part; really, they do call it a weed! The hard part is the SOPs (standard operation procedures) around what to do after the crop has been harvested to set it apart from the rest. By February, our October crop has been more perfectly cured. As of now, the California-regulated recreational market confusingly calls for the freshest product. Some retailers have told us that after a couple of months, they believe it’s not as good and loses potency. We beg to differ. In our opinion, cannabis is like fine wine, which often gets better with age. In fact, last year, we tested this theory by retesting one year old product, labeling it as vintage, and the THC actually increased by 6 points. A good curing of vintage cannabis also increases cannabinoids like CBN, which is known for sleep and pain reduction. We love to save the previous year’s stash for our late-night sesh!

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And we don’t even know all the ways cannabis can cure people and the planet yet. Scientific research is finally beginning to catch up with thousands of years of anecdotal stories of healing. Why does it seem like a cure-all? Because it is. In modern times, we recently identified that there is an endocannabinoid system in every mammalian body. And there are receptor sites from head to gut to reproductive organs and throughout the rest of the body. That’s why cannabis helps with seizure disorders, cancer treatments (especially around increasing appetite), and woman’s menstrual cramps. It’s neuroprotective, as well; medical marijuana patients are finding hope where there was none before with treatment-resistant autism and Alzheimer’s, and so much more. With legalization comes information, and other studies have shown cannabis can shrink tumors, increase sleep and decrease anxiety. The world needs to accept that this plant medicine can numb both physical & emotional pain. And that is a good thing! Medical marijuana patients self-report astounding success with reducing or totally eliminating pharmaceutical painkillers and psychiatric medicines. The species of cannabis, sativa, indica, and ruderalis, in all their forms with their many known and unknown molecules, are literally good for everything from eyesight to insight. An important tool for our well-being.


February is a month focused on love. First & foremost, we must love ourselves & the world in which we live!! We are trained from the time we enter school to think and analyze. Now the challenge is to feel. To do this, we must get out of our heads and into the heart of the moment, the heart of the matter. Look around & look within; what feels good tells each of us what matters. Cannabis can assist; for example, it enhances our awareness and meditation. Life is an experiment of our experiences. In the darkest times, like at the new moon, and especially toward the end of winter, like right now, each of us must shine bright light within our own life. We keep going & we keep growing, knowing with Patience and healing and compassionate actions, we cue the cure.

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