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Honoring the United States Cannabis Mecca- California’s Emerald Triangle

Honoring the United States Cannabis Mecca- California’s Emerald Triangle

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Honoring the United States Cannabis Mecca- California’s Emerald Triangle

California holds one of the most important territories in this country, one that produces 80% or more of this country’s cannabis, and the only one that has a Redwoods Highway- covered by magical redwoods, the Emerald Triangle.

The Emerald Triangle consists of counties: Humboldt, Trinity, and Mendocino. It is known as the largest cannabis-producing region in the country. The triangle-shaped region is home to some of the world’s best and most experienced cannabis cultivators. Rumor has it that the ’60s is where the Emerald Triangle developed its reputation, during San Francisco’s Summer of Love. Summer of 1967 is where the flower children gathered to create a magical and mystical place, one that I only dreamed of visiting.

Summer 2021, my dream came true! I had the honor and pleasure of going on a full emerald triangle tour and experience with the 1st Lady of the West Coast (Cannabis Cultivator, the first black woman to have an exclusive line of cannabis strains, and Emcee), put together and led by Lelehnia Dubois (Lele), Founder of Humboldt Grace. I asked Lele to show me her community, the true culture of cannabis, the flower children, the legacy growers; the experience was more than I could’ve ever hoped for.

Check out the day-to-day summaries and the video created by the 1st Lady of the West Coast, that captures an overview of each farm/business/legacy grower we visited.                                                                              

Photo credit: 1st Lady of the West Coast

Arriving in Humboldt County

I made it y’all!!!!! I woke up this morning in beautiful #humboldtcounty with @humboldtgrace and @1stladyofthewestcoast ???? what a magical evening and night we had! The community welcome was amazing! We arrived to love – gifts- and #cannabis– Mecca grown ????Today is the first full day! We are headed to @barrettfarms and @8milefamilyfarms ???????????? stay tapped into my stories- as service allows- I’ll be updating and showing you all the magic ????

Day 1- Humboldt County: Humboldt Soup Company, Barrett Farms, and Herb and Market

Hey y’all! So yesterday was day 1 of my tour of the #emeraldtriangle put together and led by @humboldtgrace – let me tell you- it was magical!

We stopped and picked up gifts from @herbandmarket – and don’t let the ppl fool u- sure BIPOC is a little thinner up here but y’all see that King at the door? ???? anywho- we picked up quite the gifts bags- so generous!

Then we stopped over @humboldtsoupcompany for a lunch that we were treated to for the drive up to the first farm ???? thank y’all so much! It was delicious!

Then we drove through #humboldtcounty and arrived @barrettfarms where we were greeted at the bottom of the hill- Humboldt style ???? Don’t y’all love #womenincannabis ????

We kicked it on the farm and learned that they are a 95% solar farm – growing some gas! Bc they have a passion for weed and like to smoke it first and foremost- they grow for them and share with everyone else ???? I think that’s amazing bc y’all know the bud is always going to hit- and it does!!! Big fat quarter weighing buds and shit ????

They even had a nature’s candy set up for us to snack on while there ????

So grateful for the time I spent with you all ???????????? thank you for opening your doors to us and allowing us to get to know you and your girls ????

Day 2- Humboldt County: 8 Mile Family Farms

And then there was the beautiful time @8milefamilyfarms ???? talk about my type of life! They built their farm- from camper on land to full-blown beautiful farm!

They invited us to dinner- took us wayyyyyyy up the mountain- talked to us about CA regulations – the beauty and magic of the soil and growing in the region- and a little of what the future will bring ????

They grow gaaaaaaaas- terry- beautiful #cannabis and it was an honor to experience it and them ????????????????

Day 3- Trinity County: Booney Acres

Photo credit: 1st Lady of the West Coast

#trinitycounty – what a marvelous place ???? we drove through Humboldt to Trinity to visit @booney_acres – but first- we made a stop at the Trinity River – and is magical af!

Then we arrived at the 600+acre oasis known as Booney Acres- where they keep it simple ???? let me just say that #sungrown #cannabis gets all frowns but baaaaayyyyybbbbeeeee- Booney is growing magical GAS! Sungrown- Terpy- Frosty- Tasty- Dank- AMAZING!

It’s gorgeous here- secluded- green- abundant- peaceful- warm- dope ass vibrations and energy that I can’t put into words. The views- my goodness- #nature is everything!

Booney grows all kinds of #plantmedicine – there’s elderflower, #saintjohnswort – mint- and more- life here is intentional and everything is used to sustain their off-grid living – from the Midwest to the west- this family farm is one that I arrived one way- and leaving different- but in a magical way

The queen of the land is such a powerhouse! She is totally inspiring!

I’ll be updating stories bc I still have the morning here ???? as I post this- the sun is coming up and shining right into the bedroom ????

Day 4- Trinity County: Sol Spirit Farm

OMG- I knew that I’d love it here @solspiritfarm but my goodness I loooooove it!!! This husband and wife team is amazing- beautiful- lovely! This place is magical- surrounded by peace- infused with love.

This is #glamping for sure! My yurt was beautiful af! There’s a full bathroom- toilet- shower- sink floors- full living with comfort in nature!!!

The river is easily accessible and such magic in the Trinity- south fork

Dinner was so damn good! I ate it too fast and didn’t snap a pic ???? same with the Cherry pie- where the cherries grew right here on the farm ????

There is intentional- sustainable living and growing – focus and care on earth and love and compassion

This is definitely a place to unplug- recover- and reconnect- come visit!!!!

Thank you all so much for having us and being so gracious!

Photo Credit: 1st Lay of the West Coast

Day 5- Humboldt County: Kiskanu, Papa & Barkley, and Humboldt Bay Social Club

I met the team @kiskanu and toured their site– the dispo is so cuuuuute! The setup is so different than anything I’ve seen- Kiskanu is also a brand- they have a line of products- both #thc and #cbd and they cultivate ???? the building was a corner market full of history and now a new story is being created ???? it was so great meeting you all! Thanks so much for having us!

We visited a dope place that has a dispensary- a spa- and a social lounge area all in one place- this place had smiling faces- warm welcomes- and happy voices – in this place- ppl have access to amazing products- a food truck on-site- and views of nature- in this place- consumption on-site is allowed – in this place THC massages are allowed- this place is the blueprint!

The diversity in ppl was so dope too- multicultural – there were different shades of melanin millennials and baby boomers- corporate and hippie- all in the same place in love with the same magical plant- CANNABIS!

@papaandbarkley – thanks soooooo much for having us! Nicole (spa director)!!! Those hands are magic and the papa & barkley balm is amazing!!! Your generosity and beautiful vibe are so appreciated!

The day didn’t end there- after- we visited @humboldtbaysocialclub – to have drinks and tour the hotel- which is like an oasis in between the Pacific Ocean and bays that separate Samoa and Eureka- it’s gorgeous!!! There’s a tiny house on site that is dedicated to artists – artists can apply for a residency program- how amazing is that?!

I learned about the historical land the property is on and the amazing intentions that Aaron and his team have for the place. History- diversity- and doing something good matters here and that matters to me

I left telling the land that I’ll see it again soon bc I’m going to manifest what grew in my soul while there…. just know – I’ll see u soon then ✌???????????????????? thank you so much for a beautiful day y’all!

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Day 6- Humboldt County: True Humboldt

Myself and @1stladyofthewestcoast visited @truehumboldt this weekend and it was amazing! This place is like a campus and it was great to be shown where magic happens – the passion of the leaders- the love behind sun-grown- the compassion of community- and the support of local farmers.

True Humboldt is community-

Like their site says “ True Humboldt products represent some of the best premium cannabis that our rich and unique cultivation climate of Humboldt County has to offer. True Humboldt cannabis is grown in small craft batches using sustainable and regenerative practices with love and care by an assortment of local farmers with a shared love for the Earth and community.”

I listened to the story of the birth- the hardship- and the new wave of great that is coming. The campus is gorgeous with fruit trees and flowers and all around. The neighbors – which are other businesses/ support True Humboldt peeps with things like free coffee ???? there is so much community love- it is felt as soon as you pull in and when inside- you can feel the levels of hard work that it took to make this happen. Honored to have been there ????

Day 7- Humboldt County: Sunboldt Grown

#cannabis is magical! This #dank af cannabis was grown using dry farming- no watering once in the ground- just the water from earth/nature- kissed by the sun – and still dank af!!!! Oh #emeraldtriangle – I think I need to change my home base ???? grown by magical hands @sunboldtgrown ???????? Delphina ????

Day 8- Mendocino County: Arcanna Flowers

Last stop of the #emeraldtriangle adventure w/ Vee , @humboldtgrace , @1stladyofthewestcoast PART 1- bc 2 and 3 are in the works!!!

@mendocinogenerations I am so happy to have been able to visit this amazing place! Up in the hills in #Mendocino County surrounded by intention community – these cultivators are growing some sun kissed GAS with horticulture methods- amazing souls- and warmth. Generational cultivation- born into it- 45 years of history in these hands!

Thanks so much for having us!

Emerald!!!! I can cry bc I don’t want to leave u! I appreciate u so much for bringing me in and showing me love. I’m a girl from the south with huge dreams and you all made a dream of mine come true and I’m forever grateful!

Thank you for your hospitality- your enthusiasm- your passion- your stories- your belief in what I’m doing!

No matter where my story goes- you all will always be a part of it- of me ????????????

I love you!

Video Overview of Full Experience by 1st Lady of the West Coast





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