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Artist Spotlight: Sarah Krunk

Artist Spotlight: Sarah Krunk

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Sarah Krunk is a remarkable human who has left an indelible mark in the world of borosilicate glassblowing. Long-time partner to the infamous Arik Krunk (@absolutekrunk) and mother to the child prodigies that are True and Justin Krunk. Sarah’s life has been a roller coaster ride of success, struggles, and personal growth. From their humble beginnings as homeless youth to becoming the most renowned glass family, Sarah and her family have achieved phenomenal success. However, as the saying goes, every fairy tale has its villains, and every victory has its unsung heroes. This article delves into Sarah Krunk’s journey, her artistic contributions, and her pursuit of personal fulfillment.

At the curious age of 18 and excited to experience the world, Sarah met AK, a passionate young man driven by his passion for creating glass art that could be used for smoking. Together, they embarked on a journey, traveling to Grateful Dead shows, where they met someone else who was not only excited about the prospect of making glass smoking devices but was also doing it. Now more determined than ever to make his dream a reality, having a loving, supportive partner by his side through their mutual determination and artistic vision, they transformed from two homeless youths to the most celebrated glass family of all time. From their Absolute Krunk Glass line to the children’s Krunk Apparel, their creations have captivated the world.

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Amid AK and Sarah’s early artistic endeavors, they welcomed two children, True and Justin Krunk, into the world. Sarah homeschooled and home birthed both children.

True’s birth took place in an abandoned building that gained notoriety, as The Wilkie Street School has become legendary in the glassblowing world. The children inherited their parents’ prodigious talents and showcased their own artistic prowess from a young age, solidifying the Krunk family’s place in artistic history. The Krunk family’s success brought them opulence and material wealth, symbolized by their acquisition of a castle. However, amidst their triumphs, the passage of time took its toll on the adult relationships within the family. Sarah, after her children grew older, chose to forge her own path towards personal freedom, unburdened by the constraints of a demanding lifestyle.

Sarah’s decision to pursue a simpler reality allows her to embrace a life where she can be true to herself and indulge in the activities that bring her joy.

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Unlike her family’s art, which brings exorbitant prices, Sarah’s equally beautiful and valuable art sells at a fraction of the cost. When asked about this disparity, she explained that her modest lifestyle didn’t require much, and she prioritizes personal fulfillment over financial gain. She finds solace in the freedom to live as she pleases without the pressures of sales and expectations. Her collectors are aware of the value her art holds, and they, at this price point, are able to buy and resell her work, enabling them to support themselves and giving her the freedom not to have to worry about it. She trusts in the value and quality of her work, and the loyalty of her collectors, and this is her way of giving back to the people who made the lifestyle she left possible.

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Sarah’s journey from a homeless youth to a celebrated glassblower and mother to talented children is a testament to her resilience and artistic brilliance. While her family’s success brought them wealth and acclaim, Sarah chose a different path, seeking personal freedom and a simpler existence by embracing a life that allowed her to have fun and take time to smell the flowers.

I asked Sarah if she has a website where we can send people to buy her work. She said, “No, you just have to follow me on Instagram and keep your notifications on. I hold a few auctions a week, and they sustain me. I don’t like to work under pressure, and I trust the process.”

Follow online: @Valorieslife @SarahKrunk

Photos credit: Valorie McMahon

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