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Rose Glass Art

Rose Glass Art

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Angie, also known as Rose from RoseGlassArt, is a pioneering glass artist whose journey into the magical world of glass began in 2013. At the young age of 19, Angie’s fascination with glass, which started with collecting miniature glass figurines and glass angels, transformed into a profound career path that led her to Massachusetts College of Art and Design (MassArt) and later to study scientific glass at SCC. Her narrative is not just about the evolution of an artist but also reflects the broader dynamics of the glass art industry and the personal growth that accompanies the pursuit of one’s passion.

Angie’s initial attraction to glass art stemmed from its ubiquitous yet enigmatic presence in daily life. Her curiosity about glass-making techniques and the lack of general awareness about the material’s intricacies drove her to explore this medium more deeply. Despite the competitive nature of MassArt’s glass program, a serendipitous encounter with a friend led her to a public access glass studio, marking the beginning of her hands-on journey in glass art.

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Over the years, Angie’s sources of inspiration have evolved significantly. Initially, the challenge of mastering glass art captivated her. However, her passion deepened as she learned about glass’s profound impact on society, from technological advancements to its role in the arts. Angie’s work, which began with creating pendants and exploring honeycomb and flower implosion techniques, has since matured into sophisticated sculptural forms and body-positive figurative sculptures. This evolution underscores her belief in constant learning and experimentation.

The fulfillment Angie derives from glass art comes from conceptualizing complex ideas and bringing them to life through meticulous planning and execution. Yet, she candidly discusses the challenges that accompany such endeavors, including the heartbreak of breakage after investing weeks or months into a piece. Moreover, Angie highlights the often overlooked aspect of artist advocacy, emphasizing the need to educate the public about the value and effort behind handcrafted glass art.

cannabis world news art celebrities headless lavender glass female statuette

A decade into her glassblowing career, Angie reflects on significant changes within the industry, particularly the innovation spurred by pipe makers. This creative resistance has led to a symbiotic growth among artists, color makers, and tool manufacturers, enriching the glass art ecosystem.

Angie’s journey has been punctuated with memorable experiences, including a serendipitous friendship with fellow artist Alex Ubatuba, which exemplifies the camaraderie and mutual respect within the glass art community. Looking forward, Angie envisions a future where the fine art scene increasingly embraces flame workers and pipe makers, reflecting a broader acceptance and appreciation for the diversity of glass art.

Her recent work focuses on body positivity and the integration of art and science through plasma light sculptures, resonating with audiences on a deeply personal level. Angie’s advice to aspiring glass artists underscores the value of hands-on learning and community engagement, advocating for direct mentorship over remote tutorials.

cannabis world news art celebrities illuminated lavender glass figurine

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Despite the excitement of upcoming competitions and workshops, Angie plans to take time in 2024 to focus on personal projects, reflecting a balance between professional ambition and self-care. Her experiences as a female artist in a historically male-dominated field highlight the challenges of navigating sexism and harassment. Yet, Angie’s resilience and dedication to her craft shine through as she advocates for respect and recognition within the industry.

Beyond the flames and furnaces, Angie’s personal life is rich with interests ranging from animal welfare, particularly her love for cats, to an affinity for swimming, fantasy novels, and anime. Born and raised north of Boston, her academic background in art and design, coupled with her scientific glass studies, has shaped her into a multidimensional artist and individual.
Angie’s story is not just about glass art; it’s a tale of personal growth, industry evolution, and the life-changing power of following one’s passion. As she continues to shape glass and perceptions, Angie’s journey inspires both aspiring artists and those who seek to understand the profound connection between material, art, and life.

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