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Artist Spotlight: Amele Stroven AKA Hearts Glass

Artist Spotlight: Amele Stroven AKA Hearts Glass

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Let me tell you about Amele Stroven, known as Hearts Glass, a remarkable young artist emerging from a lineage steeped in creativity and craftsmanship. Her story begins, quite literally, in a cradle surrounded by the glow of molten glass, with a father, Banjo, who is a titan in the world of functional glass art.

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From as early as two or three, Amele was already at the forge, melting clear glass. By five, she was transforming tubes into bubbles, filling them with curly stringers, her tiny hands shaping a medium most would find daunting. This early exposure wasn’t just play; it was the conscious beginning of a journey in glassblowing, a craft deeply rooted in her family’s tradition. Despite her heritage, Amele’s relationship with glassblowing is refreshingly pragmatic. It’s a skill she loves and finds immense satisfaction in, but she views it more as a rewarding job than a burning passion. This perspective is a testament to her down-to-earth nature, a quality that likely helps her navigate the high expectations set by her family’s legacy.

By sixteen, after finding an old glass torso crafted by her father, Amele stopped resisting the inevitable pull towards glassblowing. It was then she asked her father to show her how to make one, marking a significant moment when she embraced glassblowing as her chosen path.

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Her approach to glassblowing is unique. Amele thrives on the freedom to create at her own pace, away from the pressures of deadlines. This freedom allows her art to be an expression of joy rather than just work. Yet, she isn’t limited to glass. A self-described ‘hobby hopper,’ Amele dabbles in various arts, finding joy in reading, sewing, collecting vintage clothes, and baking – her latest conquest being sourdough bread.

Music, especially oldies from the late 50s and early 60s, fuels her creativity. The upbeat tunes set the perfect backdrop for her work, enhancing her craftsmanship. And when the night grows long, a shift to classic punk energizes her to power through her projects. In the world of glass art, her father and brother stand as her main inspirations. She admires her father’s dedication to perfection and her brother’s hard work ethic. Yet, her style isn’t a mirror of theirs; it’s uniquely hers, influenced by her love for old Hollywood,
reflecting in her work’s elegance and style.

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Amele’s journey in glassblowing is one of self-discovery and balance. She’s found a way to weave her individuality into a family tapestry rich with artistic talent. While reflective of her lineage, her work carries her distinct signature – a blend of precision, creativity, and a hint of nostalgia.

Looking ahead, Amele aspires to take on larger projects and explore functional art. Her goal is simple yet profound: to live a life of simplicity, surrounded by nature in a cozy cabin, continuing to create art that fills her with pride. For those just starting in glass, Amele advises exploring various styles to find what resonates personally. For her fans and admirers, her art can be found through direct messages on her Instagram or on her website,

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Amele Stroven, Hearts Glass, is not just a glass artist; she’s a storyteller, a dreamer, and a creator, weaving her narrative thread into the rich tapestry of her family’s artistic legacy. Her work isn’t just glass; it’s a window into her soul, reflecting her journey, her dreams, and her unyielding commitment to her craft.

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