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Strain: Nightmare Cookies x Blue Power
Breeder: SinCity Seeds
Cultivator: SKöRD
Height: 4-5 feet, really stretches during flower
Weight: Low yielder
Flowering time: 56 days
Sativa/Indica ratio: 50/50 hybrid
Onset time: Immediate
Length of effects: 2+ hours
Medicinal properties: Uplifting and relaxing
Tastes like: The first bite of a fresh-baked blueberry pie
Smells like: Pulling up to a gas station next to the berry patch


SKöRD has become a household name amongst Washington stoners, known for their extensive pheno hunting processes for flower and in-house solvent extraction method dubbed “Phö.” While the brand’s current focus in the concentrates space is on Terp Sugars & Badders made with hydrocarbon extractions, SKöRD recently ventured into solventless territory with a limited-time rosin drop in collaboration with SinCity Seeds

Blue Power is the flagship strain over at Las Vegas-based SinCity—a household name in its own right when it comes to the world of breeding—crossing (Sour Dubb x Master Kush) x (The White x Blue Moonshine). The taste and smell are extremely unique; sweet and sour on the inhale with a burst of kushy notes on the nose, followed by flavors of rich vanilla and ripe blueberries on the exhale. 

Nightmare Cookies (Platinum Girl Scout Cookies x White Nightmare) is a classic in the SKöRD flower lineup as well, responsible for much of the brand’s early success after stepping onto the recreational scene back in 2015. Originally bred by SinCity Seeds, they also did the crossing to create this Nightmare Cookies x Blue Power as an unreleased variety exclusively for the SKöRD team. 

Fortunately, this new cut carries over a lot of those original sweet cookie terps we all know and love. First impressions are reminiscent of Cookies & Cream ice cream, followed by undertones of gas and a sugary yet slightly earthy aroma of berries and Haze from the White Nightmare.

She’s not a huge yielder in the grow room, but the nugs that are produced are of the utmost quality—boasting dense, super frosty buds that take on a platinum hue with very slight purpling during flower. Once washed and pressed, the rosin has a terp profile that pairs deep cookies gas with a fresh blueberry funk. Opening the jar smells like stumbling onto a pick-your-own berry patch, but those sour and spicy undertones get stronger with each agitation. The smoke is thick and creamy on the exhale with an aftertaste of fruit, just like slurping down the sugary milk after a bowl of Blueberry Frosted Mini-Wheats. 

Nightmare Cookies tends to be very uplifting while Blue Power is more relaxing and sedative, combining to create a perfectly even-keeled hybrid effect. So, this strain’s suggested use depends on your mood and environment: the euphoric energy can help you power through the mundane tasks on your to-list after a wake-and-bake sesh, or you may find yourself couchlocked with cartoons after a few post-work globs.

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Author: @katadellic
Cultivator: @skord_life
Breeder: @sincityseeds

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