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Nurturing Sustainable Growing: The Biobizz Approach

Nurturing Sustainable Growing: The Biobizz Approach

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Maintaining healthy growing practices

Growing and cultivation are fundamental practices that contribute to the sustainability of our planet and, most certainly, our own individual well-being. These provide us with essentials, from food to medicinal resources. Though growing is beneficial for many aspects of life, it is vital that we maintain healthy and sustainable growing practices to protect both the environment and our own health as individuals. This ensures the longevity of all natural resources.

There are many natural growing practices that are considered fundamental for both the production and consumption of sustainable products. These include things such as organic farming, crop rotation, and using natural fertilizers to promote soil health and biodiversity, as well as reduce the use of harmful pesticides and fertilizers.

These practices also encourage responsible land management and foster resilience to climate change. Overall, embracing these growing practices helps safeguard our planet’s health while providing consumers with wholesome, sustainable, and chemical-free options.


Founded in 1992 on a farm in Groningen, Netherlands, Biobizz was created out of a need to establish a sustainable and conscientious set of products. It’s no mystery that Biobizz has played and continues to play an important role in promoting natural growing practices through its wide range of natural and hand-crafted nutrients. Biobizz has established itself in the industry thanks to its commitment to contributing to a greener and better world.

Today, Biobizz continues to strive for sustainability and fosters it through being present in more than 70 countries. Biobizz CEO Luis Pinheiro Bartolo explains that: “Our product is not just a bottle with a liquid inside or a bag with a substrate. Our product is also a feeling; it contains the talent of the people who created it.”

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Biobizz’s Mission

You’ve heard the phrase “You are what you eat,” and though it seems like a bit of cliché, it’s exactly the mantra Biobizz tries to follow as well as project onto the grow community. Biobizz takes nature’s recipes and puts them in a bag or bottle… Makes sense. What we’re really trying to say is you get out what you put in, and this can be adapted to both plants and humans. Biobizz is committed to the principles of sustainable agriculture and believes in the importance of nurturing healthy soil ecosystems to produce healthy plants.

During the 1940s, new agricultural farming and growing methods were put in place, but their effects, although apparent, were not entirely clear. Scientists were aware of a decrease in soil fertility and certain health concerns due to the toxicity of chemicals entering the food supply. Nevertheless, these are things we now understand with much more clarity and drive us to continue finding solutions and providing the safest products possible.

Our Biobizz philosophy

Our philosophy is quite simple: we want natural agricultural practices to reach as many people as possible in order to minimize the impact we leave on the world we live in.

By reinforcing the importance of growing and cultivation practices in society, we can educate future generations about the value of nature and promote sustainable lifestyles. Children who learn about growing and cultivation methods are more likely to develop a deep appreciation for the environment and make conscious decisions about their consumption habits.

The Biobizz Foundation projects are a very important part of what we do as a company, and we have been able to bring some of our dream goals to life. We are working on creating new opportunities for children in less favored communities all around the world and have introduced educational workshops in countries like Kenya, Colombia, and Mexico, among others. This allows children to learn more about natural growing and acquire new life skills that they can use to promote sustainability within their communities. Our latest and most recent project has taken place in Mexico, a truly magical occasion for both the Biobizz Team and all the children that took part.

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Our trip to Colombia was by far one of the most special projects as it was dedicated to aiding fragile communities and groups of people, such as orphaned and socially excluded children. We were able to provide these children with the opportunity to take part in educational workshops and understand more about how to make the most out of the resources that surround them and their families.

Our Biobizz Team worked with the Kogui people living in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. They listened to the community’s needs and helped them by bringing water to their village and helping build a garden to diversify their crops.

Additionally, Biobizz donated surfboards and equipment in order to teach the Kogui children how to surf as a part of its commitment to environmentally friendly activities. We were lucky enough to bring along two of our friends, Natxo Gonzalez and Kepa Acero, who are both renowned professional surfers from Spain. This initiative exemplifies the company’s values and reinforces its promise to extend natural practices worldwide while providing educational opportunities to underprivileged communities.

Our ability to help and give back is something that drives the brand, and we hope to continue doing so for many more years.

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Biobizz’s certifications

Biobizz World Wide Organics, based in Europe, has acquired an impressive array of seven internationally recognized certifications that guarantee the quality and natural character of our products. In Europe, we proudly hold the Good Soil Quality Mark, ensuring contamination-free and high-quality potting soil, soil improvers, and fertilizers. Control Union, an international organization, certifies that our products derive from natural products and are sourced carefully.

Furthermore, the Organic Materials Review Institute confirms that our Coco•Mix is suitable for organic production and processing.

Moreover, our products meet the strict standards set by the National Organic Program in the US. Additionally, we contribute to reducing environmental impact and support sustainable farming practices, as evidenced by our certification under the Point Vert symbol and Clean Green Certification.

Finally, the Enviroganic Certification reflects our adherence to exemplary organic management practices and compliance with environmental standards.

These certifications reinforce our strong commitment to providing high-quality, environmentally friendly products recognized and approved by the most stringent standards worldwide.

In order to maintain the standards and quality of our products, Biobizz uses a variety of methods, including regular testing of their raw materials, production process, and final products. Additionally, we work closely with farmers and growers to provide guidance on the use of their products and to ensure that they are used correctly to achieve the best possible results.

If you wish to experience all the advantages of growing with our natural products, don’t hesitate to ask for Biobizz products in your trusted local shop. In order to locate your nearest Biobizz retailer, who will provide you with an overview of the products and their costs, visit the store locator section of our website at

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